How To Overcome Shyness In Your Child? Best Activities and Tips to Overcome Shyness from Kids

Activities to overcome shyness

This article helps you learn best ways and activities to overcome shyness from child and help build them smart one. 

Most importantly, as parents you need to understand this fact that being shy for child is completely normal and nothing like that needs to be worried on. You should definitely put some sincere efforts to help them come out of their shy shell but in such a way that they don’t even come to know that there were ever struggling with this.

The reason behind shyness in kids is generally their extreme innocence due to which they do not know how to behave or react in new environment or with new people. They are not that quick and smart enough at that age of theirs to relate things with any past meetings and behave in the correct way. So, the problem is not that big as you are thinking and if you step up in the right way, the solution can also be attained quickly. Shy nature in kids is just a phase, and if taken care of on time it’s not a big deal at all.

Some of the best activities to overcome shyness from your kid and gain back their confidence could be some of these which will definitely help in building up lot of confidence. Creating those situations in advance as dummy ones and divulging him or her to them under your counseling and direction is the excellent way. The more guidance he or she gets, the extra understanding he or she will develop and this will further enhance his ability to handle any new circumstances easily.

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According to child expert advice, it is suggested from their end that kids with shy attitude should be handled very smartly. Before they are about to enter any new situation or meet any new person, sharing some prior details regarding them is an effective way. When they are meeting any new person, you can introduce them earlier to their meet by showing some happy photos with them, explaining your relation with them and you can even share some good memories you had with them. This in return will make your kids familiar to them even if they meet that new person for the first time. If there is any situation that he is new to, you can brief out some details regarding it and even try reasoning with them. Though, the technique of reason works very well for some kids but for few, it is not a good idea because they are over driven by emotions. Try some of the below given ideas which will surely help in overcoming shyness and gaining confidence in your child:

  1. Begin with small things like: If you are going for purchasing to any store, let your kid pay to the cash counter and teach him/her to how to count money before giving, signing the receipt, checking the items etc. Correct your kid softly, if mistaken. In case if you are going for lunch or dinner to any hotel, ask your kid to place the order to the waiter. So, try some of such methods which boost the inner confidence of your kid. Not only this, such ideas also make them feel that they are equally important and initiate the feeling of self reliance.
  2. Let them feel comfortable at social gatherings. Shy children often surround their parents or hide besides them and you as a parent initiate them when they do so. Instead, stop doing the same and give him his own space. Introduce them to the kids of your relatives and make them friends. Allow them to attend their friend’s birthday party alone meaning thereby drop them, stay for a while and when you see him or her busy in some fun filled activities, let him go on and leave.
  3. Children spend ample time in school and so it is equally important for them to overcome their shyness there too. As a parent you can understand this issue of your kid easily but everyone cannot. So, the best idea could be to interact personally with their teachers and share their shy nature. You can request teachers to increase their involvement in more of group activities, projects and games. This will help the child to have a comfortable environment in the school by having friends, initiating helping nature and discussing and exploring new ideas.
  4. As per study, it has been noticed that there are two major activities that can formulate the level of confidence and suppress their shy nature most efficaciously. Physical and activities help overcome shyness from kids easily and they become more social. They are dramatic play and games done in the form of group activities. Both of these activities have all the capabilities to enhance their physical power, mental power and build self assurance. In dramas, they learn to speak publicly and represent themselves in a confident manner and while playing games, their hidden talent is revealed and their urge to win also makes them work harder. You never know which such activities can make you child a future star.
  5. Spend some qualitative time with your kid and understand them deeply. See if there is anything that is worrying your kid and if yes; be friendly enough to share the same. Do not give him any such feeling which makes him or her bad about oneself; instead try such ways that can actually help in overcoming his shyness.
  6. A shy kid is not good at making friends as well and that is because of his shyness. So, being a parent it is your responsibility to make him learn how to make friends. You take a step forward and show him how to enter the playground, introduce to them and make them friends, request them to join him in his game. Next time, encourage him to do it himself.
  7. Become the role model of your child and teach them how to take a stand for oneself in different social situations like: teasing, bullying etc. You can even do role plays of such situations and make them understand so that whenever he or she faces this type of situation can handle it very well on his own. This will definitely overcome shyness from kids as they come to learn how to face different situations easily.
  8. Never tag mark your child as “he is shy” or “she is shy” especially before others else this won’t let him overcome his fear and hesitation. In addition, he won’t be able to share a comfort zone with you (as a parent) as well and will develop a feeling of hatred and frustration.
  9. Initiate more and more opportunities for overcome shyness from kids is to interact socially on regular basis so that slowly and gradually he/she will be able to make a space outside his shy shell. Don’t try to do everything at one shot because it is not a miracle that will happen suddenly. Slowly & gradually, make efforts and cherish the results soon.
  10. Last but not the least; make it a point, not to force him to do anything compulsorily else he will do it half heartedly or might result to increase in irritation and frustration in his attitude. Your job as a parent should be to become a friend of your kid not a Hitler.


We hope that these points will help overcome shyness from child and help them easily talk about their feelings.