How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon in Alaska

honeymoon in Alaska

Looking fro best honeymoon destination or top honeymoon destination or honeymoon ideas? When you are planning your honeymoon, you really want the experience to be special – after all, you will remember it for the rest of your life. North America certainly does not lag behind in places that could offer you a unique honeymoon trip. From San Francisco to New York and from Niagara Falls to Grand Canyon, the United States is home to some of the world’s most vibrant cities and many of our planet’s most impressive natural wonders.

Yet if you really want to feel nature at its purest form, there is no way around it: you really should head to Alaska. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations and you can plan a perfect honeymoon in Alaska. Top honeymoon destination includes Alaska and the place is full of amazing honeymoon ideas.

Alaska: The Great Northern Frontier

The nation’s great northern frontier, Alaska has captivated the human imagination for decades, ever since the first settlers managed to set up camp in this harsh territory. America’s 49th state has been the setting of iconic books, most notably the work of Jack London and Jon Krakauer’s 1997 bestseller Into the Wild, published by Penguin Random House, which details the life of 24-year-old Chris McCandless, who in 1992 abandoned all his belongings and donated his $25,000 in savings to charity before embarking on a wild journey away from civilization along the Stampede Trail in Alaska.

It has also provided the backdrop of movies like the film adaptation of Jack London’s White Fang, Christopher Nolan’s 2002 Insomnia and 2011’s The Grey starring Liam Neeson, while it has inspired slot games from Betway Casino’s Alaskan Fishing online slot game and adventure video games such as ALASKA, developed by indie studio Wreck Tangle Games.

honeymoon in Alaska

There is a reason why Alaska has featured so heavily in pop culture – and primarily in themes that have to do with adventure and natural beauty across a landscape that is very different from your typical tourist place. And that is precisely what makes it an ideal spot for an unforgettable honeymoon. Fear not, though – a lot has changed ever since the US purchased the state from Russia for $7.2 million back in 1867, especially after the Gold Rush that dominated the 1890s and the oil boom of the 1960s and 1970s.

We are now much more prepared to battle the harsh climate of the region, and local tour operators offer full packages for people who want to spend some meaningful time off the beaten track and get enveloped in the area’s stunning landscape. In Alaska, you won’t find any of the usual big city distractions and you will be able to get some much-coveted time away from other travelers on honeymoon cruises – which makes it perfect for a romantic trip for two. Now Alaska is one of the best honeymoon destinations.

How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon in Alaska

There are some details and honeymoon ideas that you need to work out once you start planning your trip. Even though your wedding date will dictate your honeymoon dates, Alaska is slightly more unforgiving in that sense. Instead, you need to pick a date that will allow you to make the most out of your trip over there including honeymoon cruises. There are two seasons when Alaska is at its best for newlyweds: Summer, which runs from May to September, and winter, from mid-November until March.

Summer is ideal if you want long hours of daylight for hiking and wandering around in some of the area’s stunning National Parks. It is also the best time to plan a honeymoon cruise along one of the glaciers or go out and spot some wildlife. Winter, on the other hand, makes for cozier nights inside and fun days in one of the region’s best ski resorts – and of course, it is your best bet if you want to see the Northern Lights, which is of itself a reason to travel to Alaska.

Yet in order for your honeymoon to make sense, you need to start planning and scheduling early on. Alaska is a place that needs a good ten to 14 days in order to see some of its finest spots – and also allows your schedule to be flexible enough so that you don’t miss your favorite activity due to a turn in the weather conditions. The Denali National Park and Reserve, with its pristine landscape and plenty of wildlife, ranging from wolves and bears to 167 different bird species, is one of the must-see places in the area.

If you truly want to experience the frozen side of Alaska, then the impressive ice caves at the Mendenhall Glacier – which change from year to year as the glacier moves and melts. And then there is Glacier Bay with an incredible view on over 50 glaciers that you can visit by a honeymoon cruise that takes you to see several of them within a day before ending up in one of the lodges to spend the night. Or, if you are a fishing aficionado, head over to the Glacier Bay Country Inn – they regularly organize fishing trips where you can catch salmon and halibut.

Alaska offers the perfect romantic getaway for couples and has the best honeymoon ideas for people looking to get in touch with nature, go on adventures together, and spend some time getting to know each other in stunning natural surroundings.