How to Preserve Leaves: 5 Easy DIY Ways 

tips to preserve leaves


Working Time: 3 – 40 minutes

Complete Time: 5 minutes – fourteen days

Yield: 1 to 30 preserved leaves

Expertise Level: Intermediate

Assessed Cost: $0-$30

If by some stroke of good luck you could outfit the vivid fall foliage to see all year. Goodness yet you can! With legitimate protection procedures, you can save each red, orange, gold, and, surprisingly, green leaf you need.

In the event that you know all about the various ways of saving blossoms, you’ll track down the cycles for these five techniques for protecting leaves, basically the same and simple to finish.

What is the most ideal way to preserve leaves?

With regards to how to preserve leaves, we found.. well there is no genuine “most ideal way”. There are loads of various ways of safeguarding leaves, yet none, as I would like to think, is ideal – for various reasons. However, they are great ways of saving leaves, once more, for various reasons. So I will list the most widely recognized leaf protection techniques (I admit, there is one we didn’t attempt – which is to wax your leaves, so I can’t look at ALL strategies, yet I can make a ballpark estimation about the result for you).

The main thing to note while safeguarding leaves – is to SET YOUR EXPECTATIONS. Fall leaves are shocking and wonderful – with radiant reds and dazzling yellows.

It is extraordinarily HARD to preserve this brilliance – particularly for the reds. So set your assumptions and guess that the last tones will be wonderful, yet not as dazzling. As it were, I am blissful about that, since that way we value nature year on year considerably more so.

Picking Your Leaves

While picking leaves to preserve, keep away from the excessively dry ones that disintegrate in your grasp. Leaves preserve best when they are as yet plush and malleable.

What You’ll Need

Supplies (Vary by Method)

  • Paper towels
  • Meagre towels
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper


  • 1-30 leaves
  • Extra materials relying upon strategy


Strategy 1: Book-Pressed Leaves

Very much like blossoms, leaves can be squeezed in a book to dry and smooth them. For this strategy you’ll require somewhere around one weighty book and paper, wax paper, or clear pieces of paper.

Set up Your Leaves

Place your leaves inside a weighty book fixed with paper or wax paper to safeguard the pages. Close the book and put it to the side in a dry area.

On the off chance that you have more books or things primed and ready, stack them on top of the book with the leaves inside to assist with the levelling system.

Actually look at Dryness

Analyse the leaves following a multi week. On the off chance that they begin to spoil or shape, dispose of the leaves.

Your squeezed leaves ought to be prepared after around fourteen days.

Technique 2: Preserving Leaves in the Microwave

The microwave is a quicker option in contrast to the technique above in the event that you are in a rush or simply eager.

Set up Your Leaves

Assume your leaves and position them between two slender paper towels. Place the heap onto a microwave-safe plate and put it into the microwave.


Microwave the leaves on medium intensity for 30 seconds on medium ability to begin. Actually take a look at the leaves to perceive how dry they are prior to microwaving for an additional 30 seconds. Proceed with this cycle until they are dry.

Strategy 3: Preserving Leaves with Wax

To boost how long your preserved leaves last, think about covering them with a sturdy covering of wax. Notwithstanding your leaves, you’ll require:

  • 1 bundle of beeswax
  • A twofold evaporator

Dissolve Your Wax

Utilise a twofold evaporator to liquefy all-regular beeswax down into a fluid. Liquefy the beeswax however holds it back from bubbling.

Plunge the Leaves

Once completely softened, take your leaves and plunge them each in turn into the liquified beeswax to cover them. Tenderly shake off any additional wax.

Permit to Dry

Hang the covered leaves (with clothespins and a dress line maybe) to allow the leaves to dry completely without stalling them out to a surface

Technique 4: Preserving Leaves With Glycerin

As a choice to beeswax, have a go at covering leaves with glycerin all things considered. This technique will require:

  • 1 cup of glycerine
  • 2 cups of water

Plan Glycerin

Blend one section of glycerin in with two sections of water in an enormous bowl and mix well.

Add the Leaves

Each in turn, drop your leaves into the bowl of glycerin water. Attempt to ensure the leaves don’t get amassed together in the bowl.

Allow them to sit in the blend for three to five days.

Permit to Dry

Subsequent to drenching, take the leaves and let them dry totally by hanging or laying on a towel.

Technique 5: Preserving Leaves With an Iron

In this technique, the wax on the paper goes about as a kind of cover for long-haul protection of the leaves.

Put the Leaves on the Wax Paper

Format your leaves equally on a piece of value wax paper. Cover with a second piece of wax paper.

Put the heap on an iron-safe surface. Cover the wax/pass on heap with a towel to go about as a hindrance between the wax and the hot iron.


Run a hot iron over the heap uniformly going this way and that. Your iron ought to be hot and dry; don’t utilize the steam setting.

Make sure that the wax has completely dissolved together to shape a seal prior to wrapping up with the pressing.

Cut Leaves

Cut into the wax paper with scissors to get individual leaves. You can likewise save them as one enormous sheet to edge or use for another art.

Regularly Asked Questions

Which is the best leaf conservation technique for life span?

By and large, five to seven years before they blur and shrivel. Leaves that are preserved utilizing wax or glycerin, in any case, last significantly longer.

What’s the quickest technique for saving leaves?

The quickest method for protecting leaves is with the microwave strategy, which requires only a couple of moments.

How might you at any point manage preserved leaves?

Perhaps you need to make a piece of divider craftsmanship or a modified card for a companion? Or on the other hand, in the event that you’re a genuine nature lover, begin a tree diary — stick your preserved leaves to the pages and log the species, where you tracked them down it, and when.