How to raise your profile as an actor


Whether you are starting out as an actor or if you have been pursuing this dream for a while, then you will be well aware of how difficult it is to get ahead in this business. But that does not mean that you just need to keep plowing ahead by doing the same thing over and over again. There is plenty of things you can do to try and maximize your opportunities and get the most out of every prospect. One way you can do this is to raise your profile as an actor. Here are just a few tips you can use to try and boost your visibility as an actor. 


These will often come back to haunt you but if you can get them right, then the best headshots may be able to help you land that dream role. The best way to get a good headshot is to evaluate your photos. Make sure that they are recent and that they look like you. Also, don’t overload your page with them. All this does is tell the casting agency that you don’t know what works best for you. Some of the best headshots in Los Angeles can be picked out in an instant from profiles that are not overcrowded and acting like a social media dump. 

It is worthwhile showing people your headshots and getting a few opinions on them. It is not a nice experience for anyone, but it is necessary. You should show your friends and family to get their advice as well as your agent’s if you have one. Push them to give you feedback before you upload it to the internet. The photo you like the most might not be the best one. 

Using online platforms

There are many online platforms out there that will help put your name and face online so that people can come and see if you are the right fit. In order to attract the best opportunities, you need to make sure that you manage these pages regularly. Make sure that everything is spelled correctly and that your professional credits are up to date. You should try and give as much information as possible on these as casting directors will often search via a production or a director. 

Also, you should keep the ‘about me’ section rather brief but relevant. Add details of things that you are appearing at the moment and change them once the program or show has finished. You should give information on the skills you have to make you stand out and any pertinent experiences. If you have received any awards, then it is a great place to mention them. Additionally, you should make sure to have your location down correctly and where you have the right to work. 

Find your casting type

One thing that will always turn a casting director off is if you have lied about your casting type. Make sure that you are always honest about your age and that you choose ranges that you can believably play. There is no point in seeking roles for a teenager if you are in your mid-40s. You should also be honest about your accent work and your language skills. Again, seek feedback from those people around you. Go and speak in an accent to people who don’t know you and see if they can tell it is not your own accent. Seek out a foreign language speaker and try your skills. These are the only ways you can be sure you have those skills ready to be used in a show. 

This applies to any skill that you might have. If you can do something, then great but don’t lie about it because you think it sounds interesting. You may find that the role that comes up needs a skill that you don’t have. It will ruin your reputation if you have to be managed because you lied on your profile. 

Send showreels

You can try and entice directors and casting agents to hire you by making a small showreel that showcases some of your experiences and skills. Remember, directors can rarely make time to watch an entire showreel so you should make sure that you put your best shows first. Take your time to re-edit it and ensure that it flows well and that it showcases your knowledge of the industry. Experts in the field have warned against using montages or still photographs. Directors want to see you act so just get on with it. 

Seek help and network

A lot of the time people who struggle in the industry become insular and give up. However, this is not the thing to do. Whilst there may be a cut-off point where you decide that acting is not for you, you should always seek help first. Look for experts in the field who are giving talks and lectures. Go along to these workshops and get advice or email them outside of this to try and make a relationship with them. 

You could also seek out people who are already succeeding in their roles. Ask them out for a coffee and just ask lots of questions. These people may become invaluable contacts or point you in the direction of somebody that can help. Most people tend to be quite nice and helpful. The worst thing they can say is no so it is worthwhile reaching out and trying to build a network of people who may keep an eye out for roles that will suit you or for projects where you could get involved. 

Making a career as an actor

This is no easy thing and there is no right answer on what to do. However, perseverance and planning are key. You need to be active; nothing will come your way if you just sit and hope someone seeks you out. A degree of luck will always help but you will find that you make your own luck when you are actively trying to make your dream come true.