How to stay fit and healthy during the second lockdown


The gyms are closed at least until December and for many of us, that’s a truly cutting blow. Because the gym is more than a place you go to get away from your problems for a while and work on yourself, it’s a place where you sculpt and mould your mind and body to help you be the best person you can be.

With the second national lockdown, however, the burden is now on us to find ways to replace the gym in our lives, at least for a time being. But what gym replacements could you be getting on with this lockdown to keep you fit and sane?

Couch to 5k

There’s a reason why they call it a “runner’s high.” Running is one of the truest and most natural forms of exercise and you certainly don’t need access to a gym to enjoy it. Indeed, one of the few benefits of lockdown is that we’ve been given the freedom to do as much outdoor exercise as we desire this time around. It might be a little chilly, but as long as you wrap up warm and invest in some decent men’s or women’s thermals to keep you warm on your winter run, you should be able to complete a typical coach to 5k challenge in a matter of weeks, regardless of your fitness level.

Walking up a mountain

You don’t need to go straight for Ben Nevis or anything, but the UK is blessed with some of the best mountain trails in the world. The Malvern Hills, for example, is a wonderful resource for beginners based in the midlands and for those living on the Welsh border, Snowdon is always there for the taking.

Gaming your way to fitness

We’re not pulling your leg, it is possible to use video games as a means of losing weight and staying healthy. The advent of the Nintendo Wii brought with it a slew of fitness games and peripherals with it and the ensuing years have seen the market evolve tremendously. For the Nintendo Switch, there’s the wonderful Ring Fit Adventure and for Playstation and Xbox, there are games that take advantage of camera tracking and even virtual reality to help you work up a sweat.

Get your bike out

Finally, just because we’re locked down for now that doesn’t mean we can’t get out on our bikes and enjoy the British countryside. Biking is a hobby we never really grow out of and is a wonderful form of outdoor exercise. With fewer cars on the road now it’s also the perfect time to jump back into it with both feet. Be sure, however, to always keep your distance from other cyclists.