Human hair wigs vs synthetic wigs


Real human hair and synthetic fiber are the two different types of wig materials. The majority of people automatically think that a real hair wig is superior to a synthetic one, but the situation is more complicated than that. The best option for you will depend on your expectations for the wig, how you plan to wear it, and how much time you have to spend taking care of it.

Human Hair Wigs

Asian hair is used to make the bulk of human hair wigs now available. The majority of it comes from China, however higher-quality Asian hair is produced by Indian or Pakistani women. Asian hair is thick, straight, and typically very dark in color by nature. This hair is excellent for creating straight black wigs, but it requires extensive bleaching and other chemical treatments to create a blond curly wig. As a result, the hair becomes damaged, and a wig that looks amazing at first may start to seem dull after a short period of time.

Eastern European nations like Poland and Russia provide the hair of the highest caliber for wigs with a European appearance. Because fewer women are ready to sell their hair in Asian countries, this hair is more expensive than Asian hair. European-made wigs have a longer lifespan and are gentler to the touch.

Find out where the hair comes from before purchasing a human hair wig. The best wigs are those created from European hair and cost several hundred dollars or more. It is most likely made from Asian hair if the wig label just states “human hair wig” without mentioning the origin of the hair. You can choose from a large range of wigs like Hd lace wigs, Highlighted wigs and many more.


  • Synthetic wigs are less durable than those made of genuine hair.
  • To the touch, a human hair wig is gentle and feels natural.
  • As with your own hair, a human hair wig can be styled and colored.
  • Your scalp won’t perspire as much when wearing a human hair wig since it “breathes.”


  • After each wash, a human hair wig needs to be styled.
  • A wig made of human hair is pricey.

Synthetic Wigs

Hundreds of different synthetic wig types are available, but not all synthetic fibers are created equal. For instance, Halloween costume wigs are typically comprised of lower-quality fibers; they are inexpensive and clearly identify as wigs. This is acceptable for a Halloween party, but for everyday wear, you want a wig that will appear to have grown naturally onto your head. Fortunately for you, top-notch designer wigs today often use synthetic materials that can look really realistic.You can find natural color wigs like reddish brown hair or mix color shade wigs that look more natural.


  • simplicity of care; even after washing, the wig maintains its style
  • lower cost


  • A synthetic wig cannot be styled with an iron because it will burn.
  • If you wear a synthetic wig daily, it won’t last more than a few months.