How to Fix Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13.

last line no longer available iphone 13

Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13. While attempting to make a call, iPhone owners with an eSIM could encounter a message stating, “last line no longer available iPhone 13.” Now that you understand this, is there anything you could do to address it?

The Last Line Not Longer Accessible notice appears across mobile screens for owners of the latest iOS upgrade while using applications or placing conversations. This issue usually occurs whenever users launch or close an application, but it can also occur if users try to place or receive calls with an iPhone.

The meaning of the last line is no longer available.

These problems on an iPhone with double-SIM capability seem to impact the favored connection. One can experience the issue if at least two mobile services are connected to your smartphone, utilizing both a regular card and a nano-sim.

This issue seemed to occur most frequently when utilizing the previous contact record in Phones > Recent to ring out with the “usual” SIM. A message will pop up and give you a choice to call the “remainder” line. To call from every phone other than the one you selected, touch “Call” on the window that displays.

Mostly on iPhone 13, Last Line No Longer Available can be fixed in various ways, which may be effective for some individuals in various circumstances.

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A Few Solutions You Should Attempt

Keep a copy of your SMS

Users would want a duplicate of the original to retrieve any lost SMS from another cellphone if they received the error code “Last Line No Longer Available.” You have a variety of alternatives for doing that. Utilizing Apple Music or iOS backup and restoration options is indeed a way. Different methods might save those messages if they suddenly disappear if it’s not a possibility for any cause. Employ iTunes or iCloud backup and retrieval solutions. There are still additional methods that could save personal messages if they somehow get deleted, if that’s not a possibility for any cause.


One may build sequences of straightforward conditional expressions, known as formulas, using the free version If This Then That (IFTTT). Several components and procedures can be used to prepare meals. For instance, you might write a formula that instructs people to switch off their air conditioning, whether it begins to rain outdoors, or to remember to purchase a drink the following day if you exercise two kilometers now.

IFTTT ideas may also be used with Chromecast or Alexa Voice gadgets such as the Echoes and Mini, home automation appliances. Consider setting up an IFTTT subscription if you wish for the residence lighting to switch on when you arrive before night or if you would like a notification of important responsibilities to complete before taking a break.

Texts via iTunes Data Restore

Do not panic if you receive a notification that the last line is no longer accessible after losing all texting from the iTunes store. They may be rapidly recovered by following a few simple procedures. iPhone provides access to an iCloud allowing you to recover almost anything on the iPhone, even those annoying texts that, for whatever cause, won’t resurface. You must ensure they can get synced with iCloud.

To accomplish this, launch iTunes and simply connect your iPhone using a Charger cord. Your system ought to locate it by itself and ask for user permission. When finished, choose backup if you began with synchronizing.

Reset network configuration

Test to see if your Wi-Fi and cellular technology mobile broadband link is the source of your Final Line notice. Reset the network configuration on your device to test by selecting Setting > General > Reset and afterward tapping Reset Network Settings. Modify the internet options such that you may utilize cellular technology rather than an Area network. This won’t wipe either of their stored credentials or telephone number. Check to check if the Last Line reappears after toning down. If it occurs, re-establishing the Wireless internet might solve the issue.

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When Apple launches a software upgrade, turn down messages.

Although iMessages are a wonderful iOS function, it is not faultless. Some customers encounter a bug that prevents them from receiving a message through one or two persons. Although if you can still get SMS from such individuals, that is perfectly fine. Factory resetting the smartphone is the sole option to restore capability, which is problematic for anybody without a desktop computer.

Luckily, many customers have discovered that switching their contact information can enable messages once more; occasionally, re-downloading text message data also resolves the issue. At times, we may need to replace your smartphone completely.

iMessages from Another Phone to Delete

Reset Set Backs by selecting Setting > General > Reset. Ensure you disable messages from the computer running iPhone 8.0 or higher. Go to Setting > Messaging > Send & Receive, then hit the iPhone just above the display to remove the profile from a separate device. After entering the necessary credentials, click Log Out.

When you uninstall iMessage using a separate device, you will be unable to use it again. If you continue getting Last Line No Longer, you may try resetting all the settings. The iPhone’s twelve available errors include Select Reset Entire Configuration at the bottom of the screen after opening Settings > General > Reset.

Your data must be retained upon resetting. However, user accounts, passcode lock settings, and other settings may return to factory defaults. If you continue to receive an issue notice that the Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13, try logging out and then back in by selecting Settings >> iCloud. Storage & Backup > iCloud > Sign Out. When the option appears, select Back Up Now or Reject for the moment.



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