The Bath and Body Company, A Draco Malfoy Mahogany Apple candle, has just been delivered, and it is quite amazing.

Mahogany Apple candle

This Mahogany Apple candle has been compared to Draco Malfoy by TikTok celebrities, but is the sale cost reasonable?

Autumn has arrived with the debut of Baths & Bodywork Products’ fall range, and our hoodie, autumn chili heart, is over the moon. There is a candle in the set named “Mahogany Apple Candle.” The candles are believed to scent like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter,

As per various Tiktok celebrities, One might wonder how well the Tiktok developers would understand how well a mythical figure might smell.

We can’t say, of course, but it was the best-educated assumption thus far. In case you do not seem to be aware of who Draco Malfoy is, Malfoy is the “bad guy” of Hogwarts’ Slytherin household.

Despite being presented as the villain, he grows as a person and is ultimately saved.

Not to forget that Tom Felton, who played Malfoy, is a complete hunk who continues to be the object of obsession for both old and young Harry Potter lovers. We could devote an entire post to describing how I like Tom Felton, but instead, I must return to the mahogany apple candle analysis. I could purchase one of these incredible candles, even though they’d been out of stock across most places and digitally for several days straight. 

I believe the $26 retail price for such 3-wick lights is a bit excessive for something like a candle.

I walked into the store apprehensive about whether the candles would meet my aspirations. However, I was delighted. I ordered two since I liked the mahogany apple candle so much. I must tell ya, everybody!

 All I had prayed for has come true. I’d even venture to describe it as amazing. My human soul is happy just from the fragrance of the earthy smell mixed with the sharp, sweet fruit fragrance.

I’ll be the first to confess that I’ve been singing to Tom Felton’s “If You Could Be Anywhere” for at least two or three hours while lighting my three lights in my bedroom.

It is defined as pampering yourself. 

This Mahogany Apple candle is exactly what you need if you would like a delicate autumn scent to fill your home, even if you are not a great Harry Potter lover. Whatever your reason for wanting the wax, it is definitely worth the price tag! 

While we stand in line awaiting our invitation from Hogwarts, let’s pray that perhaps the Draco Candle’s publicity would have been enough to convince Bath & Body Company to launch a Harry Potter line.

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