Why or what it means that “Saturdays Are For The Boys”

Saturdays Are For The Boys

Saturdays Are For The Boys – Humans could all use a day off to hang out with the fellas, so…

You may have noticed Social media images of professional and collegiate players sporting the jerseys. 

You might well have overheard acquaintances jokingly using the expression. 

That symbol might even have been triumphantly displayed during college sporting events all around the nation, as you’ve witnessed. 

Whatever the case, whether you’re a college student or a college student in your household, you might have undoubtedly heard the saying uttered at least twice.

“Saturdays Are For The Boys.”

A trend that has swept the nation is mostly led by Barstool Sports, a sports website that prides itself on being “By the ordinary man, for the ordinary man.” Although it began throughout the summertime of 2015-16, the campaign truly gained traction once schools and institutions reopened for the summer term. Several university students rallied behind it because they witnessed the campaign’s rapid ascent. 

Another of the biggest popular culture phenomena of 2016 has developed to the point where many schools and institutions offer “Saturdays Are For The (enter team name here)” shirts by Barstool. Yet how much do the “Saturdays Are For The Boys” campaign entail? What was its purpose?

A mentality known as “Saturdays Are for The boys” denotes a week sometimes when you may relax with the men and let all your troubles go. Sit quietly and unwind only with boys since waking up on Saturday morning (or midday, assuming last night was chaotic). Simply relax, enjoy watching college sports, and just do what brings joy. Overlook all home or college work.

Honestly, I own the Saturdays Are For The Boys banner and, therefore, would purchase a jersey, but Duquesne’s is still yet to receive one from Barstool (Saturdays Are For The boys, so do it, Barstool Sports). But since I arrived in Pittsburgh, many people have taken this notion to heart.

We usually take Weekends to hang out with the boys, watch football, play NHL 16, and then head out and celebrate that evening, regardless of the previous week the school gave us. It’s great and, in all honesty, is responsible for the increased feeling of belonging among my friends as well as the level of my apartment. Because  Without it, we wouldn’t have been close similarly, contributing to certain amazing college-related anecdotes during the first 2 months. Since, in any case, there’s always time on Saturday to spend time with the boys, regardless of how good, horrible, or nasty the week might have been gone. Since Saturdays are for the boys and it will remain so.


After spending a whole week exhaustingly and full of work, be it boys or girls, everyone deserves a day off, especially teenagers, as according to their age and experience, they must take the workload off.