Moonmoon Net Worth and Facts


Moonmoon – Twitch helped many gamers get famous by showing their games online. Maybe it is because people like meeting others with similar interests, or maybe it is just their favorite way to have fun. Whatever it is, if people enjoy watching your game or find it cool, you will likely get fans on Twitch.

Moonmoon is one of the streamers who got really popular on Twitch lately. He now has a whopping 1.1 million followers.

In this article, we will quickly answer our reader’s big questions about Moonmoon like his bio, where he is on social media, and how much money he might have. Let us talk about it:

Who do you think MOONMOON is?

MOONMOON, also known as MOONMOON_OW, is a famous gamer on Twitch. Right now, he has more than 1.1 million people following him. He got well-known for playing lots of different games like Overwatch, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Daddy Dating Sim, and more.

Whenever he plays a game on his stream, Moonmoon talks a lot with the people watching. He answers questions and jokes around while playing. Maybe the reason why he is so liked is that he not only plays games well but also makes the content super entertaining.

About Moonmoon’s Life

Moonmoon keeps his personal life really private. We do not know much about his early years, family, or where he is from because he does not talk about it much in his live streams.

He has not shared any videos or done interviews talking about his personal life. For someone so famous on Twitch, it is pretty impressive that he keeps his private things, well, private.

In his popular videos and different streams, Moonmoon has mentioned some things about himself, like his gaming journey, school, and family.

He says he has a son and a wife. However, because he likes keeping things secret, some fans are not sure if he is telling the truth. This has caused arguments among his fans because he usually does not say yes or no to confirm or deny it.

However, it seems pretty likely that he really has a family. In a recent stream on his Twitch channel, Moonmoon played a game, trying hard to win every level. Why? To impress his kid, who was watching. He is working to keep his family and personal things away from curious eyes, and so far, he is doing a good job.

Moonmoon does not use a lot of the big social media sites. The only one he is on is Twitter, and he uses the same username there.

Twitch Journey and YouTube Start

During his time streaming, Moonmoon played games of lots of different types. However, he really became famous when he started playing RPG games, especially Overwatch.

His Overwatch streams made him super popular, and he is still in the spotlight today. A while ago, a fan asked if he would play Overwatch again, but he said he does not want to.

After getting famous on Twitch, he also started MOONMOON_OW, a YouTube channel and now it has 139k subscribers.

Some FAQs

What is Moonmoon famous for?

MOONMOON became popular by playing Overwatch. In one of his streams on December 4, he tried the new PC version of Halo Reach, playing match after match. A viewer suggested he should try the “Overwatch grind game” to reach the top 500 players worldwide.

Where does Moonmoon stay?

MOONMOON lives in the USA.

Is Moonmoon’s real name Jesse?

No, Moonmoon’s real name is Jessie Anime. He is not shy about sharing it and thinks it is a cool name. His original last name started with an M, but he changed it to “Anime” after being inspired by the show RWBY.