Norstrat, The Great Northern Strategy of Canada!


NorstratConsultancy Inc. is a services firm aiming to offer business and technological alternatives. They make informed decisions and implement original ideas to help their clients realize their goals and meet their respective business goals.

This company also acts as a strategic communication systems organization, focusing on public relations, government involvement, and advertising themes. With activities across Canada and us, Norstrat has existed in operation for more than ten years. It has grown to employ now a sizable number of experts that seem to be experienced in numerous industries.

If you want to learn more, keep reading, as we have much to cover. We will discuss their background, purpose, and the kind of services that they offer.

Many human jobs have changed over the course of the business’s additional development and rise to prominence in the modern era. However, it isn’t easy to succeed in the corporate world, and every company will have rivals. 

People can live in the corporate war, no matter how much effort they put forth to expand their company.

An overview of Norstrat Company’s history!

The company Norstrat has deep origins in Canada. They started as a little company there now with a single office, and ever since then, the company has grown and has also managed to travel to the United States. With deep links to the police or military, it has grown through one of the key priorities of consultancy businesses.

It can’t take Norstrat much to establish itself as an integrated communication company that offers to try to cut content strategy, media relations, and content marketing services to international brands and companies. Presently, the business is growing swiftly and is considering expanding overseas.

What goals does Norstrat hope to achieve? 

The Norstrat is a great consulting company for expanding your business, and it has specific goals detailed below. 

  • Corporate identity 
  • Assistance with marketing 
  • Because Norstrat has security teams in place, you can trust its access. 
  • Student Interns from the greatest military and police universities in Canada expose their partnerships to public affairs.
  • All Norstrat marketing materials include letterhead, business cards, & brochures. 
  • NORSTRAT tees and polo shirts are acceptable work attire for employees. 
  • You will also have a distinct character in the Northern Strategy Communities that you may use for marketing your business or organization.

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Services Offered by Norstrat!

This company offers a wide variety of consultancy and telecom services. Strategically consultants that work for the company have a sizable crew and assist customers, including all facets of brand building.

They aid in the creation and execution of client acquisition and retention plans as well as the launch of a service. The consultants, too, have a tonne of expertise working for the government in political strategy and lobbying, including campaign preparation and management.

If you’re a business person or a huge enterprise looking for dependable business consultancy services, Norstrat can assist you. The company’s staff members have extensive training and expertise in a wide range of fields, including social and infrastructure structures that allow.

Management and building services for accounts!

1. Ad agency services, including analytical tools for market research. You can obtain the NPD Group Branding Metrics program as an illustration. 

2. The metric would then contrast marketing efforts with sales results, make the strong pillars of a successful business. It will ensure everyone knows how it may affect key business metrics. 

3. Norstrat aids in the formulation of an original plan. The distinctive Creative Briefing Center is a key component of Norstrat’s creative strategy.

Financial Assistance and Counsel!

Norstrat is a consulting company that provides top-notch banking services and guidance to several well-known clients, including Pfizer, the Government of Canada, Johnson & Johnson, and the National Bank of Canada. 

They also have expertise and experience from financial services organizations and pharmaceutical firms to offer creative solutions that meet clients’ objectives. The business employs many highly qualified advisors that can help you in just about any way with your finances or government program applications.

Services of advertising agencies!

You can use the tools for the competitive analysis provided by the Brand Metrics software application from the NPD group, which we have described. These tools help gauge customer reaction to your ads and focus on areas that require improvement. 

Customers can utilize these resources and submit grant application services, like analytical tools to Norstrat Inc., which has collaborated with various charity organizations. 

What Adjustments Can Norstrat Give to Your Business?

Norstrat Consulting offers numerous advantages for your company. They provide various alternatives and tactics to help you manage several jobs.

Norstrat Clients

To support Canada’s Northern Strategy, Norstrat collaborates with customers in the private and public sectors, as was previously mentioned. Here are some samples of Norstrat partners with businesses so you can decide if or not you need their solutions. 

  • Systems by Ultra Electronics Marine 
  • Canadian Saab Technologies 
  • Raytheon Support Services Canada 
  • Grumman Northrop Northwestel 
  • Dettwiler, MacDonald
  • Ocean Systems L-3 
  • L-3 MAS 
  • Calian 
  • Mario L-3 
  • Sonar systems by Kraken 
  • Canada Hill+Knowlton 
  • Canada General Dynamics 
  • Deloitte
  • Canadian Light Source Cassidian 
  • SAS Babcock Astrium 
  • Aker Solutions
  • AlphaSights 
  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Airbus Defense and Space

Can Norstrat and I collaborate?

Marketing automation, media outreach, foodstuffs and drinks PR, and social networking site optimization are Norstrat’s main skills; therefore, you should consider getting a job with them if your business needs some of these solutions.

Market analysis, branding strategy, logo design, specialized communication planning, and digital consulting are just a few of the many services that Norstrat offers.

The company’s affiliation to Hill & Knowlton Techniques must also be noted. This is essential because H&K customers can access the corporation’s global network. They can also call on 400 community relations specialists.

Additionally, Norstrat and H&K Strategy work very closely together on client projects, combining Norstrat’s expertise in online marketing with H&K’s wealth of knowledge in traditional public relations, which makes for an excellent business partnership.

They consequently concentrate mostly on the food service industry while providing services like creating plans for internet traffic initiatives like corporate communications.

Additional Training Offered by Norstrat!

Norstrat offers a variety of training courses, workshops, and counseling for personal growth. The Partnership & Leadership program is one of the more well-known ones. Attendees could learn about just the sector of strategic consulting throughout this nine-month program, which is quite demanding. 

Participants will learn to make informed decisions and acquire the ability to make wise business decisions. Here are a few further training courses that Norstrat also offers.

1. A program for developing leadership 

2. Business coaching programs 

3. Professional development workshops 

4. Executive coaching program

Where is the expertise of Norstrat?

The failure rate in its deployment and commercial development is nearly zero, and Norstrat is experienced in doing so. It’s time to discover the areas where Norstrat has the experience now. 

Business Growth Expertise

Norstrat was recognized as having the best business growth expertise because of its effectiveness in fostering the expansion of the federal government. They attain overall administration improvement and have inventive and creative operational tactics.

Knowledge of project management

The Norstrat has been charged and successful in countless distinctive projects over the past several years, making them professionals in managing projects. 

Specialized capital project knowledge

The Norstrat accomplished in the Maritime Coastal Defense Vessel, Radarsat II, and constellation missions, and as a result, they were specialists in targeted capital projects.

These are their specialties, and they also offer a range of training courses, including leadership courses, seminars for career advancement, programs for mentoring and coaching, and courses on executive coaching.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “norstrat”. Everyone wants their business to set specific, attainable goals and be highly profitable. Norstrat is a business that could assist you in achieving these objectives and edging closer to the targets.

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Q1) What precisely does Norstrat do? 

Ans- The key objective of Norstrat is to assist those with specific commercial objectives in developing the necessary infrastructure for the North and contributing to Canada’s Northern Strategy. They achieve this by giving away their resources and knowledge and putting their entire being into the client’s achievement.

Q2) Where is Norstrat headquartered? 

Ans- Norstrat is headquartered in Ottawa, which is a perfect location for it to share space with the other federal ministries and agencies with Northern-related mandates and authorities. They service their clientele there and in Canada, the United States, and, more lately, Europe.

Q3. How would Norstrat assist its customers? 

Ans- They achieve this by explaining the Government’s Northern Strategy and describing the business possibilities to their clients. By imparting their experience and expertise on the particular opportunities and challenges involved with creating infrastructures in Canada’s north, they also assist clients in identifying and gaining access to the key important stakeholders.

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