How to Look Younger than Age Naturally – Tips to Hide Age Gracefully and Look Radiant for Lifelong

how to look younger

This article is based on the tips on how to look younger than your age. Here are tips to hide age gracefully and look younger and radiant naturally.

Let us give the ‘my age’ notion a serious thought. Do you need to hide your age? What about ageing gracefully? Women are meant to carry themselves with awe, strength and grace. But it can only happen if they are slightly aware of the factors which bring early signs of ageing on the face and skin. That is where the age discrimination bubbles up. I am not at all in for hiding age. It is an inevitable and irrespective phenomenon for men and women, so everyone should accept it with pride and honour.

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Each country has an alternative age calculator system to calculate the actual age of a person in numbers. But age is more of a psychological phenomenon than physical. It is a strong belief that your age is exactly what you perceive it in your mind. You should instead be happy about each passing year that makes a way in your life.

One must try to wipe off the early signs of ageing which grabs the light either due to stress, depression, lack of sleep or proper nutrition.

Let us look at some tips to hide age and look younger & radiant naturally which were evolved from our grandmother’s everlasting stories:

1) Do not leave your skin dehydrated.

One best tip t hide age is never keep your skin dehydrated. If you are still not particular about this, then start today! Our body was regularly used to the massage with oil; while we were a kid. That was nourishment for both our skin and bones. But why don’t we practice it as we grew up? Our growing skin needs more nourishment than it needed when we were young.

I understand that oil massage may not be feasible every day, but you can at least moisturize your skin every day with a body lotion. Use a day cream on your face and neck. You can also use an overnight moisturizing cream on your face and neck at bedtime. Religious use of body lotion and cream will keep your skin guarded against fine lines and wrinkles and keep up your real age.

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2) Do not sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach may be an ultra-comfy way for you to sleep; but to think wisely, your face rubs the pillow the entire night! You don’t know what this position does to your facial skin. Your skin becomes rough and scaly every night when the pillow and bed cover rub your face. I know switching position may not be as easy as advised.

According to dermatologists, you should sleep on satin pillow covers. Those are soft on your face and do not rub your skin as harsh as the cotton does.

3) Quit straw

Do you have the habit of sipping iced tea or cold coffee often with a straw? If it is a once in a blue moon kind of a thing, then it is fine. But if you do it quite often, you are squeezing your mouth hard to get early wrinkles around your mouth. Instead, sip from the glass directly. It will save you from the early unwanted wrinkles that may form around your mouth and would queue you in the row of “aged women”.

4) Do you believe in Vaseline?

I am not underestimating any of those new age moisturising creams! They may be very good for your skin, but sometimes those orthodox and old products and tips work wonders. Keeping this concept in mind, I vouch for the original Vaseline cream. It heals cracked heels, lips and rough elbows or knees. In the same way, it will heal your skin from inside too.

So once or twice a day, massage the old gold Vaseline on the face, neck and hands. Follow this routine especially during the winters.

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5) Do anti sagging massage

This is a simple but a smart trick. Do not massage your face and hands with much pressure. It disturbs the blood vessels on the skin surface. When you are moisturising your hands and face, be gentle and massage with an upward stroke. This simple technique controls the early age sagging of facial skin and the body skin.

Take special care when massaging around the eye. It will be a gently rounded stroke around the eye. This will retard the fine lines and wrinkles cropping around the eye.

6) Condition your hair with coconut oil

Shiny and beautiful hair will always make you look attractive. But you have to work a bit on that. Market shampoos and conditioners are good alternates to try and judge which suits your hair the best. But the age-old coconut oil will never lose its value. Massage your hair with coconut oil, as often as you can. It conditions your hair and makes the roots stronger. The nutrition from coconut oil prevents early greying of the hair too. Thus, one product can equip your hair with quite a many good values.

7) Exfoliate your skin

Another important and major tip to hide age is remove or exfoliate the dead skin from your face. You will find many exfoliating face washes in the market but are you aware of the primitive exfoliating process? Believe me; it can still do wonders for your skin. To test, take a soft textured light coloured cloth to wipe off your face after the wash. If your skin is dry, you will notice some white flakes and scales on the cloth. That is a classic way of exfoliating your face. Follow it up with a light moisturiser to lock in the moisture in your face for brighter skin.

8) Trust the classic Ponds and Charmis cold creams

With all due respect to the new line age control moisturising creams, it is still hard to beat the cult oldies. Ponds and Charmis hold a record of indomitable quality. Our grandmom and mom used them all their lives. So, let us try them too. After a face wash, apply any of these creams on the face and neck to get that classic moisturising effect on your face.

9) Grab your full quota of beauty sleep

Every dermatologist suggest you this beauty tip to look younger is get good beauty sleep. Beauties, your late night power point presentation preparations or late night chat sessions are taking away the brightness of your skin. Skin cells regenerate in the night when you are asleep. If you force yourself to be awake until midnight, the cell regeneration process gets retarded. So, do not underestimate a good night’s sleep as that will help your skin stay soft, supple and lively as long as possible.

10) Love vegetables

If you intake green and leafy vegetables, you are supplementing goodness to your skin from within. Early days our grandmothers and mothers have been upfront from consuming vegetables. They are rich in antioxidants that fight off radicals under the sun. So, in a way, it is a natural protection for your skin from the harmful UV rays. So leave all the negatives and start eating broccoli and beet as it will gain you a long lasting lovely skin from within.

11) Love yourself

As I have mentioned earlier and tip to look younger is keep confidence in yourself. Age is just a number. The concept ‘aged woman’ has to be changed and you should be the change. Age discrimination should be based on the experience and maturity of a person. When it comes to the looks, after forty you should look even lovelier. Work on your skin so that you do not have to hide those dark spots and fine lines under that heavy foundation. Walk out with bare minimum makeup and be more confident than the teenagers. And that attitude, my ladies are termed as grace!

So ladies now is the time you come out of that so-called ageing process and show the world what you are capable of! We hope that these tips to hide age help you look younger & radiant naturally and you can easily take care of these tips wherever you go.

Feel free to write or ask us anything you wish in the section below. Stay beautiful always!