Everything you should know about Prasiolite!


Prasiolite – Green amethyst crystals are prasiolite. It is Green Quartz, whereas Amethyst is Purple Quartz. Prasiolite is a powerful stone that may improve your health, psychic talents, psychic connection to the universe, and general well-being. 

Is Prasiolite and Amegreen the same thing? Amegreen, on the other hand, is not only Prasiolite or Green Quartz combined with Amethyst.

Greened Quartz, or prasiolite, is the name of naturally occurring green quartz. Do you know how uncommon the crystal Prasiolite is? Most commercially available green quartz is created by irradiating and heating amethyst and citrine crystals. 

Green Quartz crystals seen in nature may be clear, translucent or opaque. Green quartz is a dichroic crystal, meaning that its green hues shift from bluish to olive green depending on the viewing angle. Irradiated Greened Quartz, or Prazeolite and prasiolite, emits red flashes under incandescent light instead of the usual green. 

Metaphysical Properties and Advantages of Prasiolite

Initiates may need to be more familiar with prasiolite. Since Prasiolite is associated with the earth element, it is often believed to promote fertility, health, and good fortune. Due to its ability to enhance energies, Prasiolite is an excellent addition to crystal grids and altars.

Prasiolite is ruled by several deities associated with Earth, such as Dione, Bhumi,  Gaia, Osiris, and Prithvi. Apu, God of the Mountains, and Brigit, Goddess of Fertility, both have jurisdiction over this area. In astrology, Venus is Prasiolite’s ruler. It’s a magnet for goodness, charm, wealth, insight, safety, and enlightenment. In honour of Venus, wear your Prasiolite jewellery on Fridays. 

Prasiolite is excellent for activating the upper chakras (Crown, Heart, Third Eye, and Solar Plexus) due to its balanced combination of planetary, elemental, and divine qualities. 

Green Quartz (also known as Prasiolite) is February’s alternate birthstone. Purple Quartz and Amethyst are the major stones of February.

The Healing Power and Benefits of Prasiolite

Vitality and well-being

Prasiolite is a balancing crystal that unblocks the chakras associated with the vital upper body organs. This is a helpful stone for increasing fertility and conceiving a healthy baby. 

Prasiolite is most effective for increasing fertility when charged in soil for a full moon. Bury it in your flower pot if you need a garden. Could you put it on your nightstand after that?


Did you know that Prasiolite crystals may help you change your undesirable behaviors? Green quartz does this by helping you attract good people and opportunities and synchronizing with your natural sleep-wake cycle. 

Prasiolite may be charged for three minutes in direct sunshine by holding it in your hands. 


If you feel like you need more luck in any area of your life, Green Quartz may help. If you wear this stone, You will succeed in business, love, and daily life. 

Chanting the seed mantra ‘LAM’ into a Prasiolite crystal brings prosperity into the home. Finally, put the crystal in the middle or southeast corner of your home.

Maintain Your Zen

If you’re always fighting off distractions, prasiolite may help you win the battle and keep your attention where needed. This is a wonderful stone for people of all ages, especially those who want to learn diplomacy and tolerance. 

Focus and tranquillity may be charged into your Green Quartz crystal by chanting good affirmations. You may find articles full of encouraging words of wisdom here. 

Wisdom and Compassion

Did you know that the Earth element links you to all other living things and the universe at large? With Prasiolite at your side, you’ll develop an attitude of gratitude, appreciation, and cosmic and interpersonal awareness. Prasiolite may be charged for increased compassion and awareness by smudging with sage or another holy plant. Here, you may learn more about using sage with crystals.

The Psychic and Healing Powers of Prasiolite

Power Booster

Prasiolite geodes, druzy, or clusters increase the energies of other crystals, a fact that is not often known among crystal enthusiasts. If you’re grounded, this stone will draw out your psychic powers. Prasiolite is best used in crystal grids, which may intensify other crystals’ effects. Depending on your needs, it may serve as a focal point or a guiding beacon.  

It wipes off bad vibes and energy.

When you move into a new area or have a terrible feeling about it, clearing the space with a Prasiolite healing crystal is an excellent idea. Find a piece of translucent or see-through prasiolite or a wand made of it. Then, point it towards the four walls of each room or all around the house for a count of ten. 

Religious Fate

Green quartz may help you discover your life’s purpose and awaken latent psychic skills. Psychics, shamans, and seers supposedly employ Prasiolite to contact extraterrestrials. 

Meditation while holding a prasiolite crystal might help you connect with your inner self. Holding the crystal between your closed hands, you may concentrate on the process of opening your third eye.


Prasiolite enhances psychic abilities, intuition, foresight, and oneness with the universe. This stone will help you develop a sixth sense of other people, locations, and events. Place Prasiolite beside a metal or crystal singing bowl to charge it and enhance your intuition. You may charge the prasiolite by playing the Tibetan bowl by rimming or tapping it for a few minutes. 

Avoiding Psychological Attack

Most spiritualists will have at least one prasiolite crystal in their possession at all times to ward off the effects of any potentially harmful energy. If you interact with numerous individuals daily, this is extremely helpful. Before you put on your Prasiolite, charge it by passing smoke from an incense stick three times over it, going clockwise.

Effects of Prasiolite

Prasiolite, like Moldavite, may be overpowering for certain individuals. Using this stone might cause some unsettling feelings to surface. Use a balance stone like Aquamarine and Prasiolite in this situation. Horoscope Conflict Venus, ruler of Green Quartz, may aggravate the zodiac signs governed by the Sun and the Moon, both of which are considered to be Venus’s archenemies.

The Prasiolite Symbol: What Does It Mean?

The name “prasiolite” originates from the Greek for “scallion green” and “stone,” prason and lithos. For thousands of years, people have associated natural Prasiolite with good fortune, safety, and health. In the 19th century, the prasiolite gemstone was found. This stone now stands for one’s “inner connection,” progress, knowledge, fertility and patience. 

Green quartz was used in talismans in different regions of the globe for protection against psychic attacks and fertility spells. “the stone of originality” is commonly used to describe it. When you accept Prasiolite, you may expect a rebirth and a revitalization.

Several Prasiolite Forms

Green quartzquartz, also known as Prasiolite, is the most prevalent kind. It promotes tranquillity, wealth, fertility, and safety. The Crown and Heart chakras are stimulated by prasiolite. Like Amethyst in its chevron patterning, this olive-green Prasiolite type is known as “Chevron Prasiolite.” One of the best stones for concentration and insight is chevron prasiolite. 

Vermarine is a prominent Prasiolite that displays blue-green tones and is often mentioned in ancient myths and stories. This gemstone may help its wearer feel empowered, secure, and honest when worn. Clusters of druzy Prasiolite are seen in some types of the mineral. You might also come across Prasiolite geodes with druzy centres. 

Prasiolite occurs naturally as a shard with jagged, double-terminated edges. When creating Reiki energy fields, crystal grids, or altars, shards of Prasiolite are excellent focal points. Prasiolite comes in a wide range of colours, but the greenish-yellow of Lemon Yellow Prasiolite is particularly beneficial to health and vigour. Colourless Prasiolite often develops in shards, and it resembles Clear Quartz in appearance. This Prasiolite is very effective as an amplification stone for the Crown chakra.  

The cluster of the Uruguayan prasiolite stalactite comes in many colours: green, grey, white, black, and green. You may overcome obstacles and restore order out of chaos with the help of prasiolite stalactite clusters. Prasiolite crystals take on an iridescent sheen when coated with metals like Titanium, creating what is known as “Aura Prasiolite.” When working with several chakras, Aura Prasiolite is an excellent choice. 

Prasiolite in Agate may vary from red to orange, grey to blue to black to red, and it can be found in various crystal forms with Agate. To cure your sacral chakra, go no further than this Prasiolite type.

How Should It Be Cleaned?

Crystals of various types sit alongside a singing bowl. Submerge the Prasiolite in three inches of dirt for at least one day and up to seven days. Playing singing bowls of any size near Prasiolite crystals is a great way to release any negative energy lodged there. 

Wands:  The prasiolite may be cleansed quickly and effectively using wands crafted from self-cleaning crystals like Clear Quartz and Selenite. Do this by making three clockwise circles with the wand over the Green Quartz.