Printed Face Masks: Making of a Latest Fashion Trend

Face Mask

The idea of wearing a face mask is not something new in actual. We all are familiar with it. Basically, it is a guarding gear which has been in use in many fields of life. The most common and familiar use to which we are more accustomed is in the field of medical line. Similarly, we have noticed that in many industries where there is an exposure to pollutants wholesale womens face maskis mandatory there, too. Similarly, the region where air pollution is getting threatening it is a normal custom to wear a face mask. So, the trend was always there. But it is mostly the functionality that has always kept our minds with respect to this guarding gear. We have never considered it as a normal accessory of everyday use as we do consider shoes, bags or scarves. Although these fashion staples do have their functions, too. However, to make you understand what has made face masks a latest fashion trend we will discuss all the causes one by one.

COVID 19 Consciousnesses:

The present pandemic really has played a great role in highlighting the importance and increasing the demand for face mask all around the world. It is a sense of responsibility towards the society and the fears of being caught by the virus that has led people to realize the essentiality of the product. Now there is a greater demand in the market. We do find people moving around with masks on their faces around us, since life can’t be seized and it has to move on. We have to keep the economy on the go. People have to earn their bread and butter. Therefore, they can’t be restricted within the four walls of their houses forever. There is only one save and secure way to deal with this situation and that is let the life go with cautions in hands. Consequently, face masks turn out to be the most essential and secure mode to tackle the problem without restricting the flow of social, economical life. This awareness really has played a key role in turning the face masks into a trend that is swaying every field of the life and segment of society.

Media Campaigns:

Media is the most effective and influential tool that fashion our tastes, thoughts and lives very strongly and face masks uk distributor has really utilize it well in this respect. It has played a very vital role to fashion the use of face mask to put an end or to protect us and our society against the pandemic. There have been discussions and debates about how an individual can play hisrole in fighting against this fearful virus. We find anchors, experts and even the authorities requesting people on screen to use a face mask for sure. Then there is social media that is also working on creating awareness in this regard. All such efforts are contributing to fanning the face mask trend all around the world.

Fan Following:

In the present situation, every person of the society is quite concerned with the situation and feels a responsibility to play his/her role in fighting against the pandemic. Celebrities are also fully alive to the concern. They do understand that they have a good amount of influence among the masses. Their action or words can make a huge difference. Realizing this fact and their responsibility towards the society they have come forward and became a part of the face mask promoting campaigns not only by suggesting or advising but by their personal practical examples, too. Cindy Crawford’s post in a matching mask at Instagram is a manifestation of that. Similarly, we have seen Nancy Pelosi and Hillary in masks that are matching with their dresses. Thus, they really have utilized their fan following to promote printed masks uk collections to set them as a trend.

Designer Touch:

All the above-mentioned elements caused an increase in the demand of the product. This boom in the line created a scope for the manufacturers. In a hope to take advantage of the situation and with an intention to assist the society to put an end to the spread of pandemic many womens latest clothing styles manufacturers jumped into the line. They invested their capital in it and then consequently there are campaigns and advertisements all around. This certainly became a cause to boost the face mask trend all around. This best can become easier to understand when we learn that fashion brands like Gucci, Madewell, and Return the Runway are now in the business, too.


This arrival of different fashion houses under the interest of exploiting the situation or assisting the society is leading towards a healthy competition. Now this competition demands to present the face mask in a totally new hue. Now the innovation departments are in search of some new techniques and trends that can differentiate their product from the rest to allure the most. So, there have been efforts on the part of these clothing houses to add a touch of style and fashion into these guarding gears. Thus, this intention is promoting it as a fashion staple that provide you protection as well. The face masks really have emerged as any other trendy and fashion item in the market now.

A Permanent Part of Healthy Life Style:

These printed wholesale face masks UK collections are not the items that will lose their importance with the hopeful end of this painful pandemic. In fact, these products are designed to guard and grace your customers throughout the seasons to come. These non-medical masks are marketed with an intention to protect people against all the environmental pollutants that can cause diseases after infecting one’s body by entering through nose or mouth. They also will guard them against the dust and smoke particles prevalent in our surroundings in addition to becoming a hindrance against the droplets produced while they cough or sneeze. Highly functional and comfy items wouldn’t goanywhere in the future as they have come to stay.

Chic & Attractive Presentation:

Another evident proof of the face mask’s becoming a trend is their presentation. When we cast a glance on their design and prints we certainly became convinced of that they are out there as a fashion staple. Since, before that, we have never seen such creative intent on work for this line. Generally, we are accustomed to single coloured surgical masks that were available in the market in the past. Mostly they were found in solid colours and the variety of colours was also quite restricted as we normally found them in white or green. The traditional colours associated to medical line. Similarly, mask used in industries were also available in the same colours, too. There has been no tradition of printed or patterned masks at all.

However, now there are plenty of fabric masks available in different attractive prints and patterns. You can have them in floral, checks, solids, and even in slogans as well. Like any other attire or accessory, they are out there to help you express your true self. This aspect of these functional staple unveils it as a true fashion staple.

Make a Place for This New Trend:

In the light of above discussion, we safely can conclude that in this age face masks have attained a totally new look and status in our lives. In a very short period, it has managed to attain the status of a trend from an occasionally function-oriented product that guards us against the environmental irritants. Here, the whole credit goes to online wholesale mask manchester suppliers. They really have turned the table in this respect and they deserve applause for that.