Prominent Luxury Fashion Brands Supporting the Hottest Anti-Fur Trend

anti-fur movement

Right now, the hottest trend in the fashion industry is supporting the anti-fur movement. The top luxury brands are going fur-free with the intent to support the anti-fur movement. Michael Kors, Gucci, and Versace have currently banned the use of fur in the production of the products. By supporting the fur-free trend, the brands have joined with other famous brands such as Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stella McCartney. The brands have pledged to adopt more ethical approaches and go completely fur-free. These days not only anti-fur activists but most of the people also feel that fur is not acceptable.

Recently, Prada has also joined the group and has vowed to ban the use of fur in order to support anti-fur movement. The campaign launched by Humane Society of the U.S.A urged Prada to go fur-free. Moreover, the organization teamed up with the luxurious brands behind the movement in order to assist Prada to adopt a more ethical approach. In a statement, Miuccia Prada said, “The Prada Group is committed to innovation and social responsibility, and our fur-free policy- reached following a positive dialogue with Fur Free Alliance, in particular with LAV and the Humane Society of the United States- is an extension of that engagement.” The brand will finally stop utilizing fur in the production from Spring/Summer 2020. Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco have also banned fur in an official manner to support anti-fur movement.

Animals require their fur coats more than humans do. Nevertheless, on the farms of fur factories across the globe, millions of minks, rabbits, and other wild animals have to spend their complete life in confined cages in inhumane conditions. These animals are deprived of their capability to become involved in natural behaviors, and they are crudely electrocuted or gassed at the end. The anti-fur movement and current shift by leaders involved in the fashion industry marks a commitment of the top luxury brands towards powerful and meaningful animal rights.