Signs That You Have Fallen into a Committed Relationship with Your Partner


Nowadays, when everything has become so machinery, it’s challenging to guess the feelings of another person. You cannot just label yourselves as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’, or ‘partners for life’. There are always some characteristics that show the exclusivity of your relationship status, rather than just being engaged and living together.

Let’s discuss the signs that actually indicate your commitment towards the relationship you’re into:

  • If you get the key to your partner’s house, then you’ve already entered his/her heart forever. And, if you feel the same for your partner, you shouldn’t delay in giving him or her with your house keys along with the key to your heart.
  • If you both have already started spending more than the needed time together, then you’ve already got addicted to each-other. Time is the commodity that proves to be priceless, and when one manages the same for you in order to be with you, no sign can be more significant than this.
  • If you and your partner often talk about the bodily functions, such as an injury, some irritation in the body, infection, or any other disease; then you both care for each other enough to spend the whole life together.
  • In your routine life, if you make decisions based on your partner’s choice, and take care of his/her priorities before making a decision, you’ve definitely fallen into a committed relationship. There cannot be a more significant sign than to consider another person’s circumstance, situation, and beliefs.
  • If you feel comfy while sharing your passwords and PINs with your partner, you have already reached an extreme level of comfort and trust. You can share your passwords, as well as PINs with only a few persons in your life, and one of them is definitely your life partner.
  • And, the most crucial characteristic is when you start going one step ahead for your partner. While doing the same, you can offer sleepless nights, or early mornings to your partner, or do something that you have never done throughout your life.