Some Tattoo Designs For Female Legs


Tattoo Designs For Female Leg: If you are fond of tattoos and looking for a perfect place for body art, then the leg would be an excellent location for it, as the area of the leg is enough to have detailed and intricate designs. Not only the long and large tattoos but also small tattoos also look great.

Once you have decided on the part of your body to get tattooed, another doubt is, what type of tattoo should I have? Moreover, a leg tattoo is the best idea to show off the design and cover up the previous tattoo on the leg.

Although there are numerous designs found on the internet, choosing one of them is such an arduous task. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to sexy leg tattoo designs for the leg.

We will see the pain level, cost, and designs of leg tattoos in a very detailed way. To grab all the relevant information, stay tuned to us until the end of the article.

Leg Sleeve Tattoo

The leg is the most attractive part of the body to get tattooed as you get enough space to write your feelings or have other designs that cover your leg. Leg sleeve is in demand among man and women both. If you have a big idea in your mind, then you should go for a sleeve tattoo. They are cool as well as eye-catching. We recommend you choose a specific theme to get the perfect result and appear blended. 

Getting a tattoo is a bit more expensive than a tattoo on other body parts. The pain is moderate to a high level and also time-consuming; therefore, consult your artist about time and cost before booking. Also, if you want to do it the traditional way of stick-and-poke tattooing, then choosing one of the many popular simple stick and poke designs would be better to start. That way, you can familiarize your body with the pain and then move to a full-sleeve design.

Back Of Leg Tattoo

The back leg tattoo is another trending design among men and women. As the area has lower pain because of thick skin, muscles, and fat, it is also common among women. You can have a large tattoo to cover your back leg part. As you can’t see this part perfectly, that is why it is a choice of everyone. Sometimes, it is also considered a discomfort part for women; hence, it symbolizes resilience and strength. You can look t the given designs of the tattoo on your back leg part.

Butterfly Leg Tattoo

For women, Butterfly tattoo designs are the most common. It is the first choice of almost every girl who wants to have a tattoo because they are symbolic and pretty. This beautiful idea of a tattoo is a symbol of transformation and growth. Moreover, it depicts the freedom to do anything you desire. Look out for these designs:

Small Leg Tattoos

The designs of leg tattoos are quite versatile. The leg has a large area to convey your feelings. Although large tattoos look attractive, small tattoos are extremely versatile, simple, and small. If you have something meaningful in your mind, then get it tattooed on your leg. Often small colorful butterfly is preferred by the girls. Who can also go for any one-liner quote with the wings of a butterfly? As small tattoos are cheaper and less time-consuming. Have some best butterfly leg tattoos:

Snake Leg Tattoo

Although snakes represent temptation, sin, and evil, they symbolize change and renewal. You can give a warning through your snake tattoo design not to mess up with you. Snakes also show protection and good luck. You can include a butterfly or flower design along with the snake to give a more attractive look. The most attractive thought about getting a Snake leg tattoo is that it can wrap around the limb of the leg. To make it perfect, get a long full, or half-length tattoo. Look at these designs:

Dragon Leg Tattoo

There are numerous meanings associated with this design of the tattoo like it represents protection, wisdom, good luck, and evil. It is the most common tattoo design, including realistic artwork and Japanese tattoos. First, decide the meaning you want to convey through your tattoo and then have it. The size of the tattoo is up to you as some people consider taking a small dragon tattoo. In contrast, others prefer large tattoos which can wrap around your leg. Have a look at the designs:

Tribal Leg Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are popular among different cultures as they depict strong messages from those who wear them, like achievements, marital status, social standing, and many others. Inking legs with tribal designs is a way to feel closer to your ancestors and also honor your heritage. A leg gives you enough space to have something attractive with a strong message. The leg tattoo doesn’t cause you much pain because of thick skin, muscles, and fat. Getting inked on the knees gives you extreme pain, so you can avoid that part if you can’t bear much pain. Have a look at the best designs:

Flower Leg Tattoos

Flower tattoo design is common among girls and women both. There is numerous flower design that gives a strong message. They convey beauty, life, growth, love, and blooming life. The leg is considered as the perfect place to place a flower tattoo. The size of the tattoo is up to you. It is also a piece of feminism.

Moreover, you can opt for colorful and bold tattoos, either simple or watercolor. These days watercolor tattoo is preferred best over other styles. Have a look at the best designs of flower leg tattoos.

Rose Leg Tattoo

A flower tattoo is the first choice of every girl. Rose is one of the favorite flowers which almost every girl wants to get inked. This flower is associated with love and passion, whereas the black rose conveys grief and death sorrow. The theme is yours, as what you want to convey. If you want to show your grief about something, you can opt for a black rose tattoo on your leg. Conversely, if you want to have a love theme, then you can go for a red rose leg tattoo. As the red rose flower represents a balance between dangerous and beautiful life. You can combine other butterfly and skull tattoos with it as they add meaning to your awesome tattoo. Have a look at some designs:

Thigh Leg Tattoos

If you are looking for a versatile and large place on your body to place a boy art, then the thigh area is considered as one of the best. The pain scale of getting a tattoo on the thigh is much lower because of fat, thick skin, and muscles; if you have to get a knee tattoo, it would be very painful for you. Any type of design you can get inked there. Girls also prefer this area to show feminism as it is associated with bearing pain and strength. Have a look at some of the best designs:

Half Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Half Leg sleeve is in demand among men and women both. If you have a big idea in your mind, then you should go for a sleeve tattoo. They are cool as well as eye-catching. We recommend choosing a specific theme to get the perfect result and appear blended. You can choose any pretty or feminist theme to make it attractive.

As getting let tattoo is a bit more expensive than a tattoo on another part of the body, the pain is moderate to a high level and also time-consuming therefore consult your artist about time, cost and Tattoo aftercare before booking.

Some Other Best Leg Tattoo Designs For Female

  • Lion Leg Tattoo
  • Japanese Leg Tattoo
  • Simple Leg Tattoos
  • Henna Leg Tattoo
  • Leg Vine Tattoo
  • Tree Leg Tattoo
  • Wolf Leg Tattoo
  • Cross Tattoo on Leg
  • Harley Quinn Leg Tattoos
  • Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoo 

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Some Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the most popular tattoo for a girl?

There are numerous tattoo ideas for girls these days but choosing one of them is really an arduous task.

Some best designs recommended by girls are:

  • Dragon Tattoo
  • Lion Tattoo
  • Wolf tattoo
  • Scorpions Tattoo
  • Snake Tattoo

For more information, read the complete article.

Is the thigh a good place for a tattoo?

Yes, it is one of the places to ink a tattoo. The upper thigh area has a low to moderate level of pain. Therefore you can opt for the upper thigh tattoo designs.

Where do tattoos hurt the least?

There are only a few areas where the tattoo hurts rest of the places on the body has low to moderate level of pain. Some of them are the Outer arm, buttocks, shoulder, calf, and outer shoulder.

What is the most feminine tattoo?

Some of the most feminine tattoo designs are:

  • Back of the Neck
  • The Foot
  • Inner Wrist
  • Downside of Ribcage
  • The Back
  • Behind the Ear
  • The Hand

Do thigh tattoos hurt?

Thigh tattoos have low to moderate level of pain because of fat, muscles, and thick skin. Therefore, it is considered as the least painful place of the body to get a tattoo.


Wrapping up the article: Tattoo Designs For Female Leg. We have read all the most trending designs of female leg tattoos. There are many other designs to have tattoos. If you are a beginner then go for small leg tattoos. If you are tattoo addicted, you can opt for the full sleeve tattoo. 


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