Methods To Get Off Cocaine From One’s Body


Every drug leaves one or the other damaging impact on an individual’s body. Among many, Cocaine is one such strong drug which is known to leave the most striking effect on the body of anyone. It is one of the most powerful, irregular drugs which soon make you addictive to it. The worst part is that the harm engendered by Cocaine is permanent; meaning thereby it leaves an everlasting negative impact.

Impact of Cocaine On The Body of An Individual

Extremely addictive, Cocaine is also recognized by some other names such as coke, candy, snow and flake. It accelerates the working of the brain system to eject surging levels of a biochemical. This in return results to increase the anxiety level along with the feeling of pleasure and excitation.

Once entered into your blood, this drug does not agree to leave your body under any condition. As many factors are responsible for: metabolism rate of the body, age factor, sex of a person (male or female) and consumption frequency. Elongated and continuous usage of this drug can lead to many hazardous health issues like raised pulse rate, high blood pressure etc. which further opens the door to many other diseases as well.

For how long, Cocaine remains present in the body after consumption?

Usually, Cocaine metabolises to various compounds which are not in active state initially. It has been found that a lot many times cocaine metabolizes within a period of two to four hours. Nevertheless, it can still be found after conducting a drug examination even after a week time. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that there are some such specialised drug testing techniques also; where the presence of cocaine can be found in an individual’s blood even after three months of cocaine intake in the body.

On the other hand, if we discuss cocaine vestiges in urine, just like to some other powerful drugs, cocaine metabolites can be easily detected by performing urine test. If you prefer normal urine test, then the period should be between two to four days after the intake of cocaine and in case if you go for any specialised testing, then the result can still be positive even after two weeks.

Apart from urine and blood testing, sweat or saliva can also help in detecting the vestiges of cocaine in one’s body. While it has been evidenced that the traces of cocaine are not present for long in saliva, that is just for two hours, but later on, it has also been examined and discovered that its traces have even been found after nineteen hours as well. To conclude, the leftover of cocaine in the body can be found from five hours to a period of two to three days also.

Fastest Methods To Get Off Cocaine From The Body

Well, if you are the one who is forced to undergo a blood or urine drug test to detect if you take cocaine or not but you do not want to reveal the truth, then it becomes essential for you to get rid of cocaine traces from your body. Below given are few methods that can help you to get off cocaine traces from your body and come out clean in your drug test. The methods are as follows:

  1. Drink lot of water: First & Foremost, the easiest and simplest way to get off cocaine from your body is to drink lots and lots of water. Through this, the process of detoxification will take place, and you will be able to release harmful toxins out of your body through urination. You can also take orange juice and vinegar apart from water. This method will surely serve you as a great help.
  1. Go for Diuretics: The second fastest method to get off cocaine from the body is to have diuretics. These are also available on good medical stores in the form of pills and kits, and so you can get one from there. These diuretics are strong enough to clean out cocaine from your body thereby increasing the flow of urine which results in releasing an excess of water from the body. Even the minor traces of cocaine can be removed through this method.
  1. Oral Cleansers & Mouthwashes: Another best way to remove cocaine vestiges from the body is to thoroughly clean your mouth with effective mouthwash or any recommended oral cleanser. You can get these from a good chemist shop. This method can help you to clear the saliva drug detection test thereby making your saliva clean from cocaine traces.


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  1. Say NO to sugar, caffeine & fat full products: Now when you have no option apart from being forced to take the cocaine detection test, then even concentration over your eating habits can be a great help. Say a strict NO to all those drinks & eatables which carry a lot of sugar, caffeine or fat within them. Rather prefer having fresh fruits, salads, sprouts and vegetables in your diet which has less or no such harmful contents like sugar, caffeine and fat.
  1. Perform stress salving activities: The efficacious stress salving activities are: daily walk, exercising, meditation and yoga. These activities if done on a regular basis will not only clean cocaine traces from your body but also from your mind and keep your refreshed. Moreover, this would also decrease your urge towards such harmful drugs. Remember the proverb; Health is wealth.


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  1. Add on Amino acid and Ginseng in your diet: Though water is the best gift of nature which works effectively in the process of detoxification there are few other ways too that can assist you in getting rid of cocaine from your body. They are kava, ginseng or valerian root. Also; adding on those supplements in your daily diet which is rich in amino acid and proteins will also be a great help to you to pass your cocaine detection test clean.
  1. Exfoliation: Last but not the least; proper exfoliation can also turn out to be a saviour in passing your drug test. Exfoliation is a process that dispatches the dead skin cells with the help of loofah or a specialised bristled brush that helps in scrubbing the body efficiently. This method will work two in one by not only removing dead skin cells but also wiping off cocaine traces from your body.

Hope these methods turn out to be a great help to you but mark a point that if you do not stop that intake of cocaine, then no method can be of any help to you. In general, cocaine remains in the body for three to four days but the period can extend if you are the regular or frequent use of it.

Also, it is advisable to get yourself enrolled in a cocaine specific sober living home. Such programs help you to lead a normal and healthy cocaine-free life.