Techniques to keep your skin looking healthy

Glowing skin secrets

Keeping your skin looking healthy is a concern many people have. Lockdown has provided an ideal opportunity for those who use heavy makeup daily to have a bit of a break. This break will give your skin the chance to heal. Of course, after many years of abuse, it is unlikely to heal itself without some care. So here are our top tips on how to keep your skin looking healthy.


One of the most common reasons for poor skin, such as itchy skin, acne, scaly skin, and rashes is due to stress. Stress levels can be raised for many reasons. Common causes of stress include work pressures, relationship problems, home life, and money worries. Reducing stress levels will often improve your skin condition rapidly. Ways to reduce stress include open and honest discussions, exercise, spending time with friends and family, pets, and listening to music. Many other methods of de-stressing can be found online.

Application of topical creams

Some people suffer more severe conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that causes skin cells to grow too quickly. While eczema occurs when the body overreacts to irritants, to help prevent eczema and other skin conditions, topical creams can be applied to the affected area of skin.


Keeping your skin moisturised is essential for healthy skin. Many factors can cause dry skin. Some of the most common include use of harsh detergents, spending time near sources of heat such as fires, scratching of the skin, excess washing, and scrubbing with brushes/sponges/towels. A good moisturiser cream should be applied following any of these events. Staying hydrated will also help – keep drinking water to help boost your skin further.


A lack of sleep is a sure-fire way to develop skin conditions. Sleep is when our bodies re-generates muscle, blood, brain, and skin cells. If you get less than 7 hours sleep on average, you risk the development of skin conditions. Try to get some more sleep, and you’ll likely find your skin condition improving.

Air quality

What is our skin always in contact with? The same air we breathe. Good air quality is essential to a healthy life. As well as affecting our respiratory system, the air affects our skin too. Smoky environments are particularly troublesome and irritate the skin. Low humidity can also cause issues. So make sure you keep the air in your home clean and humid.

Avoid the sun

While a day in the sun may make you feel good at the time, you may come to regret it later. Sunburn is the most apparent impact of excess sun. But gentle tanning also carries increased risks of skin cancers later in life. So watch out when out and about.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to ensure healthy skin. Following some of our tips above will help ensure you leave lockdown with healthy skin. Always remember, if you experience severe conditions that do not clear up with minor changes in lifestyle, speak to your friendly pharmacist or healthcare professional for further advice.