All About Pet Cremation – Types, Cost and Factors

What is pet aftercare

Losing a pet can be highly traumatic for the owners. Pets are important family members; therefore, saying goodbye to a pet is never easy. After the death of a pet, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. Every pet-owner relationship is unique; therefore, every pet owner desires to adequately memorialize a dearly loved pet. Here pet aftercare service providers come into the picture. Here is all you need to know regarding pet aftercare, pet cremation, and related costs. 

What is Pet Aftercare?

Pet aftercare refers to the physical handling of the remains of a pet after death. The most important part of pet aftercare service is to render an opportunity to the pet owners to say goodbye to their pet in a respectful manner that honors the cherished memories. Many pet aftercare service providers also render memorial services.

There are around 600 pet aftercare facilities in the US, including funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries. There are two options for commemorating a family pet who has always passed: burial and cremation. 

What are Different Types of Pet Cremation?

Pet cremation is one of the most common ways of saying goodbye to a pet who has passed. There are mainly three pet cremation types: private, communal, and individual.

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Private Cremation – The pet is cremated alone in one cremation unit in this type of cremation.

Communal Cremation – In this cremation, the pet is cremated with other pets, and the ashes after cremation are commonly scattered on nearby designated areas or crematory grounds.

Individual Cremation – The pets are segregated inside the cremation unit to get separate ashes.

In private and individual cremation, the pet’s ashes are given to the owner in a container or an urn depending upon the owner’s preference. You can opt for specialty urns with prints of your pet’s paw to memorialize your pet. 

In most cases, the services of cremations are handled through veterinarians. These veterinarians are in direct contact with the local crematories. The cremation service providers directly pick up the pet from the hospital, complete the cremation procedure, and then return the ashes and other remains to the veterinary hospital. 

What is the Cost of Pet Cremation?

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Cremation is one of the most common methods of handling the remains of a pet. The cost of cremation depends on the type of cremation and the pet’s size. The larger the pet, the higher the cost of cremation. The cost of cremation usually ranges between $200 to $400. 

Factors to Consider While Pet Cremation

A wide range of factors is involved in choosing the cremation procedure of a pet. In this regard, the budget is the biggest factor. If budget is not an issue, you can opt for private cremation or individual cremation, and in case of budget problems, you can choose communal cremation. 

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The decision of pet cremation is also influenced by religious custom. Some pet owners keep their pet’s remains at home while others organize funeral experiences. Whatever choice people make, the only intent is memorializing the loved family pet.