Best Things to Do in Chicago for Christmas

what to do in chicago in december

After a busy fall, Chicago has many things to do in December. Even though the weather is beautiful and people have been living it up all winter, you can still enjoy a night out this month. The best things to perform in Chicago for Christmas are many and varied and will be fun for all ages.

Don’t Miss Out on Major Chicago Christmas Events

christmas shows in chicago

As we move into the year’s colder months, there are usually fewer people in the parks and other areas of the city, and the more star-studded season of Christmas is over. However, the new year brings a host of fun activities including the Chicago Christmas Lights Festival, the annual Pow Wow Festival and countless evening activities including the Wheel of Lights in Millennium Park, the Zoolights Spectacular at the Lincoln Park Zoo and the Legends of Christmas Light Spectacular at the Oriental Theater. All of these and more take place throughout the month of December.

Enjoy a Comfy Stay in Holiday Inn Chicago

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The Holiday Inn Chicago is the first stop on the Wheel of Lights and Spectacular tours, which provides transportation and information on all of the important holiday events taking place during the month of December. Tours depart regularly and on weekdays from 9 am until 1 pm. Book your room and meet the spirit of Christmas as you are transported to quaint the North Side of Chicago. The other three locations in the Wheel of Lights Tour are the Castle Grayskull, the New Liberty Children’s Museum, and the museum located in the Old State House.

Enjoy Fun Vibes at Lincoln Park Zoo

enjoy at Lincoln Park Zoo

There is a special kind of fun to be had at the Lincoln Park Zoo. The Animal Kingdom is open every day of the month of December, and the Zoo is open from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Look for the return of the Elephant King, Charles the Chimpanzee, the Mountain Gorilla and the African Wild Dog, and the Orca Encounter. Watch a resident or take off from a catapult and land in the pool as you watch from below.

Enjoy the delightful Holiday Lights display at the Eastern Visitor Center at the Lincoln Park Zoo at the Midway Lagoon.

Explore the Best of Chicago Christmas Events at Winter WonderFest

Chicago Christmas Events at Winter WonderFest

The “Winter WonderFest” is a family event that begins with the arrival of Snowflake, the festival parade. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus visit and the Northern Lights, Crystal Balls, and Holiday lighting displays are a sight to behold.

Among the apt things to do in Chicago, this December is the Winter WonderFest. This event brings together merchants, creatives, and enthusiasts from all over the city. When you go to the event, you will be able to enjoy family fun that will include Christmas shops, events, live entertainment, interactive exhibits, and special seasonal gifts and treats for the entire family.

It focuses on the world of Christmas. It features great gift ideas, something for every member of the family, and the opportunity to enjoy the holiday spirit while visiting unique shopping experiences and participating in special activities. There are a few specific things to do for this event, but it is always an incredible time for the entire family.

Do Ice Skating at Millennium Park

Enjoy ice skating at Millennium Park

Millennium Park is one amongst the most popular parks in the city, and if you have been there before, you know that it is well worth the trip. During the day, the main attraction is the Rock Garden, which provides a breathtaking view of the Lincoln Park Zoo and the American Museum of Natural History, but there are also many other great attractions to see and do that is worth the visit. Have a popcorn, indulge in an afternoon tea or partake in one of the many family tours, and enjoy ice skating over there.

Enjoy the Best of Christmas Shows in Chicago 

best christmas shows in chicago

Anyone who loves magic and shows should visit the Oriental Theater on the west side of Chicago and make their way to the Water Works Theatre on the south side. It’s not unusual to hear a story from one of the storytellers while you sit by the fire and enjoy your drink. This area is popular with families and can be quite noisy, but it is well worth the trouble.

Explore Christkindlmarket and Enjoy Holiday Craft Demonstration

Explore Craft Demonstration

Head to the Christkindlmarket and discover how you can participate in one of the biggest shows around the Christmas season. You will be able to go on a magic show, shop for the holiday gift of your dreams, participate in a holiday craft demonstration, and learn about Christmas traditions around the world. There are so many significant things to do during the conference that you should not miss out on this unique event. You will be able to take a trip on the CTA Holiday Train, visit with Santa, and enjoy special gifts and treats from local merchants.

Be a Part of CTA Holiday Train

ride in CTA Holiday Train
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You can take a trip on the CTA Holiday Train. This will take you all over the city and give you the chance to see places that have been quite familiar to many. You will enjoy the historic stretch of Michigan Avenue, the Palace Theatre, the Shedd Aquarium, and of course, the beautiful Chicago Botanic Garden.

The next thing to do is take a trip to the Christmas Express. This special car will transport you from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana, to get to experience Christmas in a different way. Here, you will discover Christmas trees that are decorated to the extreme, bells that ring each hour, and a journey through the city. You will even find some of the best ice creams in the entire state.

Don’t Miss Out on Some Worth-Visiting Places in Chicago

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The next thing to do at the event is to take a chance on some attractions in Chicago. The wonder, the Aurora Snow Shed, and the Placerita Valley Log House are all great places to see beautiful sights. You will also enjoy plenty of shopping experiences in the area, and there are some great artists who will be performing. You can even take a trip on the Bell in Hand Brewery, which is located right next to the WonderFest site.

The apt things to do in Chicago for Christmas are numerous and include many family-friendly locations. Perhaps the best thing about the holidays is that they are able to make them a memorable experience for everyone. Enjoy your stay, and enjoy the warmth of the winter and warm embrace of the Holiday Season in Chicago.