Tiffany’s most iconic collections over the last decade


One of America’s most beloved luxury brands today, Tiffany& Co., began as a fine good and stationery store in 1837. Since then, it had an iconic rise to dominance. 

Tiffany and Co. was founded in 183 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, but make no mistake, the original store did not sell jewelry or accessories as it does today. At that time, the store was selling stationery and fancy goods in Connecticut. It was only in 1886 when Tiffany &Co. introduced the concept of the diamond engagement ring as we know it today. 

Since then, the iconic jewelry chain became an essential part of pop culture, we have all watched the famous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” movie after all, and a beloved red-carpet accessory among the most iconic names from Hollywood’s elite. Nearly two centuries later, the Tiffany &Co. brand has over 200 stores across the globe, an avid fan base, and a 55% net sale shares of its fashion jewelry collections segment. 

We took a closer look at the most iconic collections from one of the most famous luxury brands today has released over the last decade. 

Tiffany T1 Collection -2020

Released earlier this year, in May, after being postponed a month later than planned, the Tiffany T1 Collection celebrates the brand’s iconic “T” logo., which has been part of the brand’s jewelry designs since 1980. 

The Tiffany T1 Collection was designed by Reed Krakoff and will roll out with a yearlong series of global launches. To be more precise, the Collection has started with the 18-karat rose gold styles, which are already available and will be followed by white and yellow gold styles, which are expected to be available in the fall. 

Reed Krakoff, the designer of the Collection, gave a statement in which he explained that the T1 Collection caters to any woman, no matter her social status. He also said that the pieces are conveyed with precious stones to show that they aren’t supposed to be worn just for special occasions but every day. 

Wheat Leaf Eyewear Collection -2020

Although Tiffany & Co. is famous for its unique and marvelous jewelry designs, this year, the luxury brand has amazed us all with a fantastic Eyewear collection. 

To the spring/summer season this year, Tiffany has released the Wheat Leaf Eyewear Collection, a collection that is said to be a mix of modern designs and an iconic Tiffany motif. The Collection features nine different models of sunglasses, five bold acetate frames, and four refined metal models. All the sunglasses part of the Wheat Leaf Eyewear Collection are butterfly-shaped.         

The acetate frames come in various colors, including black, tortoise, camel, light-blue, and Tiffany Blue. As for the metal frames, they are offered in rose gold, silver, and gold. Those of you with oval, square, and heart-shaped faces will be happy to hear that the slightly oversized shape of the sunglasses from this Collection are especially flattering for you. 

The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger’ -2019

Throughout Tiffany &Co.’s long history with jewelry designs, only a few designers have attained the same popularity as the famous Jean Schlumberger. 

In 1956, Jean Schlumberger’s designs at Tiffany &Co. proved that jewelry can be fun, fashionable, and wore during the day. His designs have broken the stigma that jewelry must be serious, expensive, and reserved for evening events. 

Last year, Tiffany &Co. released The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger Collection, which was inspired by the designer’s sketchbooks. The American jewelry house has brought to life a few of the designer’s unrealized designs. The Collection debuted in July last year, in a private event at Paris. The Collection features the distinctive combination of marvelously colored gemstones and radiant Tiffany diamonds. Plus, the entire Collection is an iconic study in opposites and contrasts by juxtaposing hard and soft textures that encourage blending femininity with boldness. 

Return to Tiffany Love Bugs Collection -2019 

The Return to Tiffany Love Bugs Collection is a reinterpretation of the elements in the original Return to Tiffany Collection. The Collection was released last year and is a representation of Tiffany’s passion for natural motifs. 

The Collection is said to be inspired by the urban garden, as every piece from it celebrates fauna or flora, featuring butterflies, blossoms, birds, and ladybugs. Reed Krakoff, the current chief artistic officer at Tiffany &Co. is responsible for the 2019 collection as well. The designer was inspired by the 2018 Tiffany Paper Flowers Collection and the iconic original Return to Tiffany collection. 

The 2019 Return to Tiffany Love Bugs collection is absolutely stunning and impressive. The designer has succeeded in taking simple shapes and transforming them into something unexpected and modern for Tiffany’s fans to wear every day. 

The jewelry pieces include diamonds and colored stones, such as blue topaz, yellow and green quartz, and amethyst. Plus, the Collection consists of a mix of metals, including gold (yellow, white, rose) and sterling silver. 

Paloma’s Melody – 2017

The daughter of the famous painter Pablo Picasso, Paloma Picasso, joined Tiffany in 1980. Her most famous collections at Tiffany are the “A Graffiti of Love” line and the “Calife” collection. 

In 2017, the American jewelry house revised the designs from Paloma Picasso to launch a new collection that features precious metals and stunning gemstones. The Paloma’s Melody collection includes designs that have been reinvented to feature gemstones added to intertwined rings. 

The Paloma’s Melody collection is a very inspiring one as it focuses on showing designs that are as fluid as the harmony of life. The Collection includes bangles, rings, pendants, and earrings, all made of 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, plus black spinel. 

The name of the Collection is as interesting as the pieces that it features. The name was inspired by the gentle sounds that are made as the five interlocking bands fall back together, with each of the bands representing a designer’s personal emotion. 

Tiffany’s fantastic legacy remains strong. And, the luxury brand will most likely continue to release iconic collections that will be coveted worldwide.