V Neck vs Crew Neck, Which is Better?

v neck

Are you on the hunt for the “perfect” sweater to add to your wardrobe? Are you looking to update your wardrobe and want to be sure you pick something that is flattering, versatile, and trendy all at the same time? If so, you’re probably inundated with the sheer volume of choices out there, which can make choosing one sweater next to impossible. So why not find a way to narrow your options down?

One defining feature that sweaters have is the neckline. The neckline not only changes how it looks on you, but it can even change the tone and look of the outfit. Two of the most popular necklines you’ll find are the V-neck and the crew neck.

What’s the difference and which neckline would be better for you? Here is some information you can use to make the ideal shopping choice.

What’s a V-Neck Sweater?

Let’s begin with a V-neck sweater. The V-neck refers to the neckline which has a V-shape. It can be very small and understated, or more of a deep V which would cut much lower down the chest. V-neck sweaters can be perfect for those who like layering sweaters with dress shirts and blouses, as it gives that peek of the shirt beneath. It can act as a real fashion statement and pop. In this sense, a V-neck can become office appropriate with that layer below it.

On the flip side, V-neck sweaters can also work for a night out on the town, especially those lower V-necks. For example, you can pair a statement necklace with the sweater since you have all that extra space to work with.

For those who find they overheat easily, a V-neck can be much cooler and more comfortable to wear, as there are plenty of people that don’t like the feeling of a high neckline.

What’s a Crew Neck Sweater?

A crew neck sweater is often confused with a round,-neck, but there are a few key differences. Crew necks are probably one of the oldest and most classic necklines and aren’t just exclusive to sweaters. You’ll also find crew neck t-shirts.

Crew necks have a round collar that sits close to your neck. At the same time, they aren’t tight to the neck, so you won’t have something rubbing against your neck. You can still layer a blouse or shirt under them and have the collar sit on top of the crew neck, but you’re not going to see as much of the bottom layer.

Crew necks tend to have a more casual look and feel to them in general, but you can certainly find some that you can dress up.

Which One Takes the Title of “Best Sweater”?

So, which sweater takes the title of the “best sweater”? That’s hard to say as it comes down to personal tastes, how you plan to wear the sweater, where you plan to wear the sweater, and how versatile you want it to be.

At the end of the day, each style has a place in your wardrobe, so having a couple of each probably makes the most sense.