Vaseline “The Wonder Jelly” Beauty Hacks And Uses

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum jelly is the wonder jelly for people since 1865. It is the go-to moisturizer product that does wonders for the skin in winters. Vaseline is a non-comedogenic product, and It suits all skin types and does not clog pores Here is a list of some of the primary Vaseline Uses and  Vaseline beauty hacks.

Remove Makeup– Vaseline Petroleum jelly is perfect for removing your makeup. Gently rub it all over your face and wipe off using cotton. This hack is ideal for removing eye makeup and liquid lipstick.

DIY Highlighter- Do you wonder how these runway show models get dewy cheekbones? Vaseline does the trick for them. Dab Vaseline on high points of the face, like cheekbones, nose, for that luminous, dewy glow.

Prep for Long lasting Fragrance– The best hack to make your perfume last longer is to moisturize skin before spraying perfume. Apply some Vaseline on the pulse points (wrists, behind ears, neck) and then spritz perfume. You will smell amazing all day.

Moisturize dry cuticles– Vaseline is one of the best moisturizers to keep your nails and cuticles healthy. Take a little amount of Vaseline and rub it all over fingertips and dry cuticles. Do it every night before you go to bed. To get rid of dry and cracked fingertips.

Prevent nail polish cap from sticking– Dab a little amount of Vaseline under the nail polish cap to prevent it from sticking to the neck of the bottle. This hack will keep your nail polish fresh.

Soothe cracked heels– winters can make your feet very dry and cracked. Rub petroleum jelly on your heels and put on a pair of cotton socks before you go to bed an keep your feet baby soft.

voluminous lashes- If you have thin lashes start applying vaseline jelly on your lashes. Be careful when you apply it to avoid eye contact. Regular Vaseline Uses will show a drastic difference in the length and volume of lashes. These are some of the easy Vaseline beauty hacks to try at home.

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