Wanna Save the World from Fast Fashion? Here are a few tips!


For the last couple of years, fast fashion has been the latest environmental and ethical concern among people all over the world.

If you’re wondering, fast fashion refers to the unethical and cheap processes by which leading fashion companies churn out millions of clothing pieces every year.

The average number of times a person has worn the same item decreased by 36% all over the world.

If you wish to bring about a positive environmental change by ditching the concept of fast fashion, here are some great tips for you!

1. Shop from ethical brands

One of the most effective ways to stand up against fast fashion is to shop carefully and ethically. So the next time you go out to buy a stylish top or a dress, ask yourself how that garment has been manufactured.

In most cases, the brands hire millions of people from poverty-stricken countries and make them work in unhygienic conditions. These workers often don’t even receive adequate compensation for working so many hours.

Choose brands that support workers’ wages and provide fair treatment to all the workers and manufacturers involved. This will reduce your carbon footprint and make you ethically much more conscious.

2. Buy fewer clothes

The main reason fast fashion has become so worrying is that people all around the globe are buying clothes without considering the environmental impacts.

In fact, during earlier times, people bought just a few garments and wore them for many months or years. But now, everyone wishes to wear something new every day. So they avoid repeating their clothes as if it’s the plague.

Instead of continuing this harmful practice, buy fewer clothes and reconsider your fashion choices. For example, see how you can reuse a top or a blouse differently so that you don’t need to go out and buy separate items every few days.

Contrary to popular belief, buying more clothes won’t make you happier.

3. Donate your old clothes

Almost all of you have so many pairs of jeans or dozens of dresses that don’t fit you anymore. So instead of stuffing them in one corner of your wardrobe, why not donate them?

Your clothes deserve a second chance, and so do underprivileged people. So don’t throw these pieces away; give them to goodwill or your local charity.

This will help people in need and reduce the need to buy more clothes for people who don’t have them.

Even if you don’t have any local charity in your area, search for some resale boutiques where your clothes can be styled differently and sold to people. Just make sure that you donate clothes that are in good condition.

4. Buy better-quality clothes

Because clothes have become so affordable and cheap, quality isn’t what people look for. People often chase cheap items even though those wear out in just a few weeks or months, forcing them to buy more clothes frequently.

To stop this trend, make sure to buy garments from brands that produce good-quality items.

If everyone stops supporting brands that produce cheap-quality clothes, they will have to make more conscious decisions and use materials that last for many years.

For starters, check the zippers of the clothes and pull them gently. Next, try out the pull test by gently pulling the fabric. Buying long-lasting clothes will ultimately also be cost-effective for you.

Or, you can switch to vintage clothing as they are made of high-quality materials and can last you for years to come!

5. Buy second-hand clothes or swap

If you’re short on cash but still need to buy some clothes, switch over to thrifting or swapping clothes. Thrifting is the process of buying second-hand clothes from thrift stores. You can easily find lots of such stores in your local area.

Some thrift stores not only have a wonderful collection of stylish clothing, but they also help you to recycle items.

Otherwise, you can swap clothes with a friend or a family member. Swapping clothes with someone close to you requires no money and ensures you never run out of clothes!

Some other choices are rental stores, as they allow you to borrow clothes for a short period of time for a way more affordable amount. This one is great if you wanna wear something for special occasions!

Over to you…

Even though fast fashion has taken the world by storm, it’s our responsibility to stop it and promote slow and sustainable fashion. These are just some basic steps to switch over to eco-friendly options, so practice them and share the awareness!