Ways to Save On Fashionable Clothing and Expand Your Wardrobe


With the start of a new year, there is often the desire to switch out a lot of what we have been wearing the last 12 months, for fresh new clothing and outfits. However, it is not always easy to stay on top of the latest trends and constantly change clothing, especially as newly released garments are often much pricier than the less trendy items from two seasons ago. 

If that is the predicament you find yourself in, however, don’t despair. You can still look stylish and on-trend in fashionable clothing, with a larger and more versatile wardrobe without having to spend a fortune. 

Don’t Buy on Impulse

This is one of the single most difficult things to avoid doing, especially if you are a fashion lover and shopaholic, but you need to stop those impulsive urges to spend money on items as soon as they are available. This is where so many people go wrong and end up spending more than they can really afford or wanted to. 

It is much better to stop, breathe and plan out what you need and want before you even start looking at items or adding them to your online basket, or taking them off the shelves in a physical store. 

Look Out For Special Offers, Promotions, and Sales

Although you are unlikely to find new items in the sales towards the start of a new season, all clothing eventually goes on sale. Familiarize yourself with when your favorite retailers run sales and offers and try to use these to your advantage. Although it may mean you need to wait before buying that new stuff you want, you will be pleased that you did when you save a lot of money. 

Try To Buy Versatile Items

Rather than buying three or four completely different outfits, consisting of different pants, skirts, and tops, try to be a little savvier and choose interchangeable garments. You can still look fashionable and stylish, and expand your wardrobe, without paying as much, if you choose a nice pair of jeans or a blouse that can work as part of several different outfits. 

Consider Multibuys For The Essentials

Things like underwear, socks, and hosiery can often be very expensive if you always pick out the best of the best. While we are not suggesting that you need to skip on the nice underwear, we are merely suggesting that to expand your wardrobe and increase the options you have when it comes to what you wear, you could save a little by stocking up on the essentials through multibuys.

For instance, if you only buy the fanciest bra and panties sets, you will find they are far more expensive than a multipack of good, functional, and comfortable bras and underwear that you can wear every day. By all means, invest in a nice pair for special occasions, but don’t litter your wardrobe full of them, or you will have less money to play around with for clothes. 

Coupons and Vouchers

It would be impossible to talk about ways to save money on fashionable clothing and expanding your wardrobe if we didn’t talk about one of the easiest and most effective ways, using vouchers and coupons. While you could check directly on the websites of your favorite retailers or in-store, that may be a little time-consuming. Whereas, if you look at a site like Coupon Dad, you will find a whole collection of online vouchers and coupons for a multitude of great clothing and fashion stores. 

What you will find is that some of the savings are better than others. The great thing about many coupons and vouchers is that they can (unless otherwise stated) be stacked and used together. For example, if you find a coupon that offers you 20% off and one that offers you free delivery, and they can be used together, you can make even greater savings than just using one on its own. 

Go Second Hand

If you have never tried buying secondhand fashion items and clothes, it may be time to give it a go. Many people are dismissive of thrift stores, charity stores, and other places where you can buy second-hand items. People have made businesses selling secondhand clothing on eBay, and just because it is second-hand doesn’t mean it is untrendy and unstylish.

You may find sellers who, just like you, wanted a fresh look, and are selling off their older items that still look great. Obviously, you need to pay attention to the quality you are buying, but the savings make any potential risks seem very insignificant. 

Don’t Follow the Crowd

Fashion comes and goes. That is something you should always remember. While it may give you pleasure and make you feel great, staying on top of the latest fashion, try to be moderate with your approach. Consider more timeless pieces when restocking your wardrobe, so that you have evergreen items that will look great now and in 3 years.