What is Laser Hair Therapy?


Hairfall has become one of the most prominent issues for both men and women of this era, where irrational living conditions have seriously affected the health of people’s hair growth. Hairfall does not necessarily have to be because of harsh living conditions there are various other reasons which could affect one’s hair growth such as –

  1. stress
  2. genetic problems
  3. aging
  4. side effects of some product formerly used or still in use
  5. hormonal changes
  6. lack of proper nutrients and protein in the body
  7. the side effect of medical treatment such as chemotherapy
  8. special medical conditions like – diabetes, lupus, thyroid, anemia, etc.
  9. change in environmental conditions
  10. clogging of hair follicles due to dandruff

If you lose hair in about 100-150 strands per day, that can be counted as pretty normal because no one can completely eliminate hair fall. There are many ways to treat hair loss, like undertaking medication, laser therapy, or hair transplantation. 

What is Laser Hair Therapy?

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Laser therapy was initially used for removal of unwanted body hair, but now it has been extensively in use for the treatment of hair loss. Quite contradictory, huh!? This kind of treatment is considered best for people who show specific hair loss patterns or have diffused hair loss. This technique is clinically-proven low-level laser therapy, safe and non-invasive for everyone. The laser devices emit out red light or low-level laser light of clinical strength to treat hair loss, receding hairline, male pattern baldness, and alopecia. Laser therapy is considered safer and less invasive when compared to the treatment of hair loss done by hair transplantation. You might have a lot of questions and doubts regarding this treatment like – ‘How does laser hair therapy work? ‘Does Laser Cap Therapy work for everyone?’ ‘Is it clinically proven?’ ‘Are there any chances of having negative after-effects?’ ‘Does this treatment have a lifetime effect or just a temporary one?’ We are here to provide the answers for all the possible queries regarding this treatment so; you could consider this article of ours as a one-stop destination for all information about Laser Hair Therapy. 

How does Laser Hair Therapy work? 

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The low-level red light irradiated to the scalp eventually gives strength to the weak human tissues encouraging them to promote hair growth in a normal manner. After the photons have been completely absorbed, the weaker slowly begin to get back to their work of growing hair. This therapy does not only helps the cells in maintaining existing hair strength but also stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood flow towards the scalp. This treatment is further assisted by Minoxidil, which is a clinically proven technique for hair loss treatment. 

Does Laser Cap Therapy work for everyone? 

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What needs to be considered while undertaking this treatment is the fact that this therapy or the use of laser comb does not at any point make sure that your cells retain the lost nutrients and proteins. This treatment just ensures hair restoration and the natural growth of hair by giving life to the almost dead and weak cells. 

Experts also have pointed out the fact that this low-level laser therapy interferes with a person’s internal stress signals. There is no significant effect or treatment provided to the loss of hair due to increasing stress, meaning; this therapy does not act as a stress buster to promote hair growth. In this way, we can ultimately make out that though the laser diodes can help you in growing thick and healthy hair without any inflammation, but cannot cancel out the reasons for hair fall like stress, hormonal imbalance, deficiency of essential nutrients, etc. You might be thinking that what is laser hair therapy useful for if it cannot cancel out the reasons for hair fall?

Thus, it is suggested by professionals to simply add this hair loss treatment to your holistic hair loss treatment regimen. Your hair fall treatment regimen must include intake of vital protein and nutrients to keep your hair as well as scalp healthy, intake of natural herbal means, which can cure internal stress and supplements for making peace with your hormonal imbalance. You could combine your laser treatment along with such a healthy hair fall treatment regimen so that you ensure healthy growth of both hair as well as scalp cells. 

Pros & cons of laser hair therapy

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While this treatment is quite effective and preferred by most people in place of hair transplants, there are a few things you require to know before taking up this treatment for your weak cells. Just like everything has a positive and negative aspect, in the same way, there are some pros & cons of laser hair therapy too – 

    1. Positives– first and foremost are that this procedure promises to regrow hair
  • This procedure is completely painless
  • Is non-invasive in nature
  • And shows no negative after-effects.
  1. Negatives– this process is an expensive one and can almost dig a hole in your pocket. Also, long-term effectiveness and safety are not established in this procedure.
  • This process is time-consuming and might as well continue for a lifetime. You might have to go through the laser cap therapy for weeks and months on a regular basis to ensure the proper effect.
  • This red light treatment should not be undertaken by people who are under medication, which could ultimately lead them to the problem of photosensitivity. Photosensitizing is a chemical falter in the skin due to which could increase a person’s sensitivity towards light.
  • If you have just started facing the problem of thinning hair, then this treatment might be effective for you, but for people who are at the advanced stages of hair loss might meet less effective results or even no positive results.