What Is Regular Pizza Size?

regular pizza size

The most popular regular pizza size in the USA is 14 inches. An average pizza is mostly 14 inches and comes with a total of 8 slices.

What is the size of Dominos’ regular Pizza? 

The regular pizza size by Dominos varies between 12, 14, and 16 inches with thin crust and extra thin crust. Whereas 10, 12, and 14-inch Pizzas are for deep dishes.

Is it better to get two large pizzas or three medium?

A 14-inch large pizza offers ten slices, and if we do the math getting 2 large pizzas will get you 20 slices. Whereas medium Pizza offers 24 slices, making it 4 slices more than 2 large size pizzas.

What is the difference between regular size and a medium pizza? 

The major difference between a medium and regular pizza size is in their dimensions. A medium-size pizza is about 9 to 10 inches, whereas a large-size of pizza is about 12 inches being more expensive. 

However, there is another difference as well. Medium-sized pizzas are best suited for 2 to 3 people, whereas large-sized Pizza is best for four people. 

How many slices of regular Domino’s pizza size are offered? 

Small Pizza – 6 slices in 8-10 inches. Medium Pizza – 8 slices in 12 inches. Large size Pizza- 10 slices in 14 inches. Extra Large Pizza- 12 slices in 16-18 inches.


What is the size of regular Pizza?

Small-sized Pizza of 8 to 10 inches comes with six slices. Medium Pizza comes in 12 inches with a total of 8 slices. A large size pizza of 14 inches comes with ten slices.

Which is bigger: 2 12-inch pizzas or 18 inches?

Getting an 18-inch pizza comes with more quantity than two 12 inch pizzas.

This may sound counterintuitive; however, with the help of Maths, an 18-inch pizza has 254 square inches while 12-inch pizzas have only 226 square inches.

How big is a Dominos personal pizza?

Small Domino’s Pizza is 10 inches and can serve 1-3 people. You can split the cheese toppings to make everyone dine happily by ordering a large size pizza. 

Getting a few large pizzas is the right way to go when you are about to feed a crowd.

How many slices are on a Domino’s Pizza?

In a regular Dominos pizza size, you get a total of eight slices.

Is two regular Pizza sizes bigger than a large one?

A large pizza is always a better deal monetarily than getting two medium ones. When you tend to increase the width of a regular pizza size, it eventually adds to the total size of Pizza. 

For instance, one large 16-inch Pizza may look equal to an 8-inch small pizza, but it is four times bigger in quantity. 

How many slices come in a regular Dominos Pizza size?

Regular dominos pizza size comes with four slices.

How much is more Pizza large than a medium?

One large size Pizza comes with an equal area as two medium-size pizzas and 6.3 small pizzas.

To make a pizza equal to a large size, you will have to spare $8.82 and $30.79 extra. 

Do two medium pizzas make a large?

Pizza is always made of a circle, and the inches in diameter increases with every square radius. A large pizza comes with the same area as 2 medium pizzas and 6.3 small pizzas. 

To make a large size pizza, you will have to spend an extra $8.82 and $30.79.

What is a normal pizza?

Regular pizza size varies between Small (6 slices), medium (8 slices), Large (10 slices), extra-large (12 slices).

How many pieces are in an XL Domino’s Pizza?

An extra-large pizza with 16 inches, and a large is 14 inches. A regular large pizza size comes cut into eight slices, and the XL comes with 12 slices. 

Although you can also get pizza slices cut into half for more slices, you can get 16 slices in large size Pizza and 24 slices for XL pizza.

Is it better to get 2 medium pizzas or one large?

According to some good calculations, getting one large-size pizza is always better than ordering 2 medium-size pizzas. Also, an 18-inch pizza comes with more quantity than 12-inch pizzas.

How big is Domino’s regular pizza size?

The regular Dominos pizza size varies from 12 inches, 14 inches to 16 inches, with thin and extra-thin crust. A 10 inch small 12, inch medium, and 14 inches large is perfect for deep fish.

Which comes with more Pizza: 3 mediums or 2 large?

If you have to do the complete maths, Two large size pizzas will have 20 slices in total, and three medium pizzas will have 24 slices, making three medium pizzas more in quantity.

What are Domino’s pizza sizes?

At Dominos, you can get all the regular pizza sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Also, it helps to know that Different pizza sizes come with different crusts. 

For instance, Gluten-Free Crusts comes with only the same size pizza, which makes it a great personal pizza.

Don’t Underestimate Appetites

When you go to a pizza place ordering a single large size pizza cannot cover the entire group. It can be tricky to estimate the right number of slices that people will eat, and you wouldn’t want to underestimate the appetite of your friends.

If you are aware of your guests with major appetites in advance you can always have one or two slices extra. In case you are planning to order smaller size pizza or with thin crust then always count one extra slice per person.

One another way to find the right count of how many pizzas you need to order with a medium size (8 slices), follow his method.

  • Multiply the total guest number by three slices, two lice(per adult/child).
  • Divide the number by slices you get in one pizza.

You can use this formula to serve five adults eating three slices per person and you will have to order two medium-size pizzas.

Final Words:

Figuring out the perfect pizza size for guests is a time-consuming process. By placing an order in advance of the party, You give plenty of time to get them prepared until your party guest arrives. By following the calculation methods you can get exact number of pizzas with thin crust and cheese toppings you will need to fill everyone’s tummy.