What Are Smoker’s Lines – How To Get Rid Of Smoker’s Lines With Simple 5 Steps

how to get rid of smoker's lines

This post is based on the What are Smoker’s Lines and How To Get Rid of Smoker’s Lines Quickly and Permanently.

If you are like one of those women, having small and vertical lines above your mouth and you look aged, then these are called smoker’s lines.  These are one of the worst signs of premature aging that are responsible for making your appearance dull. Smoker’s lines mostly appear early to those women who do smoking a lot. However, sometimes it may occur to those women who do not smoke, due to their lifestyle and some other reasons. 

Before you start to get worried and freak out, stay tight on your screen and relax, you are going to learn some effective ways to get of smoker’s lines easily. 

What Are Smoker’s Lines and How To Considered These Are Smoker’s Lines?

There are different types of lip wrinkles that might form around edges of the mouth.  Such as, smile lines appeared from the sides of the nose down till the mouth edges. These wrinkles are not the same as the smoker’s lines. 

Hence, what actually the smoker’s lines are? These wrinkles are small vertical lines appeared on the upper lips and run upward to the nose. Earlier these lines are smaller but can form so many together once at a time. That is actually terrifying!

One of the most terrifying facts about smoker’s lines is that it may even if you never smoked a single cigarette in your life. 

In most of the women, smoking is the major cause of smoker’s lines but several other factors that are responsible for lip wrinkles are due to lifestyle habits, skincare, genes, etc.

What Are The Causes Of Smoker’s Lines?

There are various causes of Smoker’s Lines rather than Smoking only. Several other factors like daily habits, Aging, sun rays, diet, DNA, etc. leads to the small lines on the upper lip. Here are some of the main reasons that are responsible for causing the smoker’s lines on your lips.

Smoking A Lot

Smoking is the most obvious cause of smoker’s lines around on the upper lips. Smoking leads to an increase in the damage muscles of the lips. Regular smoking leads to permanent wrinkles on the lips. 

Smoker’s lips may begin to appear after some months or years of smoking any tobacco products or cigarettes. Not only smoker’s lines, but smoking is also a major cause of so many health-hazardous diseases and damages to your skin.

UV Rays

Sun rays are also responsible for causing the wrinkles to appear on the lips and entire face. The UV rays present in the Sunlight hamper the production of collagen and elastin and make your skin dull in appearance. When UV rays hit your skin, it penetrates into the skin cells, damages them and lowers the production of essential chemicals into the skin. This leaves your skin look older and wrinkles appear on face and lips.

Improper Diet

Diet also plays a major role in increasing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Foods like processed and junk food that are lack of nutrients, eating them regularly internally damage the skin. Eating lots of junk and unhealthy food leads to your lack of healthy and essential compounds that help in rejuvenating your skin. If your skin not getting an adequate amount of nourishment internally, it may make the way easier for wrinkles and smoker’s lines to form.


Aging is one of the greatest villains of Beauty. Any type of wrinkle you may see on your face, that may be due to aging. Wrinkles like crow’s feet, frown lines, droopy jowls, and eyelids are all due to aging effects. This same is for smoker’s lines. So do not worry much, aging is a natural process and it happens with everyone.l 


One crucial and heartbreaking fact about wrinkles is DNA. Yes, DNA plays a major role in causing wrinkles and fine lines. As a matter of fact, skin type is responsible for causing fines on your face. Thus, if you are getting smoker’s lines early then you are free to blame your family.

Simple and Effective Ways To Get Rid of Smoker’s Lines Quickly & Permanently

Here are some of the effective and result giving ways that help you get rid of the smoker’s lines quickly and permanently with the regular usage.

  1. Do Oil Massage: To remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, doing oil massage on a regular basis with soft hands can reduce wrinkles by the time. 
  2. Exfoliate Twice or Thrice In A Week: For keeping your skin firm and healthy, exfoliation works appropriately. Exfoliate helps in removing the dead skin cells and help in bringing the new layer of healthy skin cells.
  3. Completely Quit Smoking: One of the effective steps that you can take is to stop smoking immediately.  We know this may be harder for you, but smoking not only makes you look older it also invites so many chronic diseases into your body. Thus it is a very smart move to take care of your health and skin.
  4. Do Face Yoga and Mouth Exercises: Along with oil massage and exfoliation, also try some facial and mouth exercises. This will help in increasing the blood flow and help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. 
  5. Do Proper Moisturization: Moisturize your skin regularly and properly after washing your face and before going to bed. This keeps your skin hydrated and does not make your skin stretch and shrink.

We hope these some simple home remedies to get rid of smoker’s lines will help you out and give you 100 percent results. These remedies also help in get rid of dark lips from smoking and make your lips and lips around skin smooth and supple.