What to Do When a Tree Falls on Your House? 

what to do if a tree falls on your house

Wet soil and strong winds are a dangerous combination to make a 100-foot tree fall onto a home. A tree falling on a house is a common occurrence during wind storms or hurricanes. It sounds normal, but it is a dangerous occurrence and can lead to extensive structural damage. In such a situation, immediately take your family out of the harm’s way and then concentrate on minimizing the extra damage and get the damage repaired. Below mentioned are some of the tips to know what to do when a tree falls on your house.

Make Sure Everyone is Safe

Whenever a tree falls, the first thing that you must do is make sure that everyone at the place is safe. After making sure, evaluate the situation for any other possible dangerous conditions like damaged power lines. In case of down power lines, make a call to the power company. Stay away from the power cables until the situation is addressed. 

In the situation, If the tree has fallen on your house, a wide range of factors play a crucial role in determining the severity of the situations and determining the damage. Varied tasks will seem urgent, but here are the steps to follow in case a tree falls on your house.

  • If you live on the second or third floor, then it is better to reach the main floor safely and quickly. Make sure everyone is safe. 
  • If you are in a situation in which the tree is blocking the exit door of the house, make a call for help to remove tree in front of house. In case of a serious situation, call the emergency services. 
  • In case of roof damage, your house gets exposed to weather elements. Take the required steps to cover the things that could be damaged due to moisture. Then secure the valuables properly and lock the doors.

remove tree in front of house

Call a Certified Arborist

After you make sure everyone is safe, make a call to the certified arborist near you and ask them to assess the complete situation properly. When it comes to handling complex tree situations and working with equipment, arborists are highly trained and reliable.

Arborists have proper knowledge of tree removal practices. In addition to this, they also have the appropriate experience required to do the job correctly and it is worth the expense. 

Professional tree removal service prices include compensation insurance of the workman and liability. It might also include the utilization of specific equipment like loaders, cranes, or hardware that are needed to be installed in the tree. If you feel that the price is high, ask about what all is included in the final bill. 

Call Insurance Company

If you find that any damage is caused by the fallen tree, then immediately make a call to the insurance company. Inform the insurance company before beginning the tree removal work. The insurance adjuster needs to observe the entire damage and file a report regarding any claim work. 

If possible, ask the arborist and adjuster to come at the location at the same time. Regular insurance covers any damage caused by the fallen trees. Insurance companies pay the tree removal companies to remove the fallen tree and will also pay for any damage to your property. 

Call your insurance company

Make a Call to the Contract

In case the fallen tree does any damage to the house like it does a puncture to the side or roof of the house. If it happens, it is essential that the tree is removed carefully and promptly, therefore make a call to the contractor. Ask the contractor to repair any damage caused so that your house is livable and waterproof. 

If any serious damage is caused, which makes your house unlivable, take necessary measures to secure the windows and doors of the house to avoid looting. 

Always Hire Experienced Arborist

When storms occur, many trees fall, and it is common for businesses to go to different houses for marketing their services. It also provides them with the opportunity to establish a new business. Always remember that removing a fallen tree is serious work.

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Always keep in mind to hire a certified and experienced arborist. Experienced arborists are trained in carrying out the work of removing trees professionally.

Take Measure to Stop Trees from Falling

The best thing you can do is prevent the trees from falling. If you find any tree in poor condition and if a tree looks like a fall hazard, call the local tree removal company immediately. An experienced arborist will tell you the right things like if the tree needs to be treated, cabled, or removed. It will help you in avoiding future accidents.