Winter Proof Your Skin With These Winter Skin Care Tips.

winter skincare tips

It is time to say goodbye to summer. Are you ready for the sweater weather? The season brings along the wonderful gift of dehydrated skin. A change of season often leads to change in the way skin behaves. You need to make some minor modifications to your regimen to keep your skin glowing. Following proper winter skincare tips and skincare routine is necessary.

Here are a few winter skincare tips to keep your skin healthy and happy:

1.Switch Up Your  Cleanser

In the summer it’s perfectly alright to use foaming cleansers but in winters make sure to use oil-based cleanser or gel-based cleanser. The skin is already very dry in winters, so it is essential to use a gentle cleanser with perfect PH balance to prevent dry, flaky skin.

2. Hydration is the key

It is equally important to stay hydrated in winter as it is in summer. You should aim at drinking at least 2-3 liters of water a day. Invest in the right toner for your skin. Toner improves absorption and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy throughout the colder weather.

3.Splurge on a good moisturizer

moisturizer is an essential element of winter skincare. Switch your lightweight moisturizer with thicker and more nourishing moisturizers. Look for a moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid.  It is causing a lot of buzz among winter skincare junkies. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water, making your skin more plumped and youthful.

4.Embrace Facial Oil/ serum

It might seem unthinkable to let oil touch your face during the hot summer months. But oil isn’t bad for your face at all. An antioxidant-rich facial oil helps to brighten the skin by blocking abnormal pigmentation.  Serums are great to nourish all skin types when more moisture and glow is needed. For people with extremely dry skin, facial oils are an excellent option in winters.

5. Do not forget to use SPF

Yes, you heard it right. Do not forget to use SPF. The most amount of skin damage occurs in winter. It is crucial to apply SPF evenly before you step out on the chilly streets.

6.Masking it right

Switch your clay masks with sheet masks for colder months. Clay masks tend to extract all the moisture from your skin, leaving the skin dry and irritated. Use hydrating and moisturizing clay masks instead. They will leave your skin moisturized and glowing like its summer.

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