4 Harmful Habits That Damage Your Kidneys

Harmful Habits for kidneys

This post is based on the 4 Harmful Habits for Kidney that are responsible for severely damage to the kidney proper functioning.

Excess Consumption Of Hard Liquor

Heavy and regular consumption of liquors has an atrocious impact on kidneys. This is the most common harmful habit that is responsible for kidney damage.  It has been found that those who take more than four drinks a day have a risk of chronic kidney diseases. Consuming too much alcohol can cause malfunctioning of the digestive system.

Furthermore, alcohol causes damage to the central nervous system as you may have observed slurred speech after drinking. Alcohol breakdowns the smooth communication between body and brain that makes the transfer of messages difficult.

harmful habits for kidneys

Obesity – Laziness and Inactive Body Routine

Another harmful habits that damage kidney is laziness and lack of physical activities. Most of us today have busy work schedules. We spent our whole day sitting on a chair, whether while driving, working, or going out to meetups. Having an improper workout routine or sitting at a place for a long period has been causing an ill effect on kidney functioning.

As you may know that physical activities help in improving the blood circulation and increase glucose metabolism, keeps the kidney health all well. Taking out 15 minutes a day can do a miracle in your body. It not only keeps your kidney healthy but also keeps your body fit and fine for a lifetime.

Coffee and stress

Eating Too Much High Sugary Foods

To prevent your kidney from damage, stop this harmful habit is stop eating sugary products. Sugar leads to increasing the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. Packaged food, muesli, breakfast cereals, white breads are the sneaky source of sugar, leading to chronic kidney diseases. You should avoid eating processed sugar and must pay attention and thoroughly read the ingredients mention in packaged foods.

Harmful Kidney Damage Habits

Overdose Of Painkillers

Pain medicines may help you reduce aches, but they hamper the functioning of kidneys. Due to painkiller medicines, kidneys get severely weak, damage, and lead to kidney failure. Drugs like Vicodin, Methadose, Exalgo, etc. require more water. Overdose of medicines decrease the blood flow and worsens the functioning of the kidney.

Kidney Damage - Painkillers

Drop these harmful habits to prevent kidneys from further damage as soon as possible and live a healthy lifestyle.