All PopCorners Flavors

All PopCorners Flavors

Popcorners flavors – Whether you are part of the salt friends, spicy group, or sweet eaters circle, we all can agree on one thing. You must like a nice little snack. Finger foods are always there while we watch movies, work from home, and study, and even if no one wants to say it out loud, there is too much time on screens. Some snacks are better than others because they make you feel full and happy for a longer time.

Some snacks help with daily food needs, but others feed the soul. No one here will say bad things about snack time, but we can still like a healthier way. This is the main junk food – chips. 

Chips are usually called salty, oily and crunchy pieces of fried potatoes that taste good. But PopCorners flavours have a fresh view with corn chips that are popped in the air. There are seven tastes in the normal items, with two more kinds – Flex, which increases protein, and Flourish, made from vegetables.

If you don’t know about the brand, owned by Frito-Lay, then you will after Super Bowl 2023. This event has a PopCorners ad inspired by “Breaking Bad”. It shows the two main characters running an illegal popcorn chip factory instead of drugs. 

So which PopCorners flavours of this chip is the best? We took all the tastes in the PopCorners regular range to find out.

7. Onion and sour cream

Potato chips with Onion and sour cream are a popular taste. The tasty sour taste mixed with the greasy saltiness of chips is perfect for snack lovers. But will that perfect feel and taste combination work for a healthier corn chip? PopCorners are never fried, says the brand, and have half as much fat as regular potato chips.

6. Sweet Chili

Don’t let the hot peppers on this bag trick you. These are not the kind of chips that can burn like dragon fire and melt your face – who likes eating food that spicy? Anyway, we would have enjoyed a better taste of the Sweet Chili PopCorners flavors.

The heat was not strong but still clear, a good choice for everyone’s liking when you don’t know what kind of food your friends like.

PopCorners claims that this flavour is made from garlic, paprika and onion. We thought we felt garlic and paprika but didn’t notice the taste of onion until we tasted some chips. Unfortunately, the sweet taste was not so good in this PopCorners kind. We think the best sweet-chili-PopCorners flavours are spicy with chili and then sweet. But this one missed a bit in giving that feeling.

5. White Cheddar

Cheese-flavored snacks balance between tasting like real, good cheese and having a fake flavour. They often have artificial yellow powder, making the snack seem unnatural or tasteless. PopCorners tells us what’s in their popcorn chips, showing they use real cheddar cheese. We are pleased to say that, for sure, this snack doesn’t have any fake synthetic taste. All you hear about the PopCorners White Cheddar chips is good news.

The cheddar taste is good and strong without being too much, the powder covers each chip evenly, and the PopCorners flavors are strong enough to go with dips while not being too harsh on its own.

4. Kettle Corn

If you’ve ever tasted some hot, fresh kettle corn from a bag at a fair or carnival, then you know that snacks like this must be really good. They need to taste like the real thing. It’s hard to copy that warm, sweet taste from childhood summers at the county fair. Maybe this is just what our memories are telling us. However, the expectations were high when we looked at this specific example. PopCorners did not let us down in the taste part.

These chips were very tasty and rich in butter flavour. It had a little sweetness that wasn’t too strong. Add the natural flavour of popcorn to these chips. They combine what adults want for a calorie-friendly and low-fat snack with the snack our child side wants from a fairground treat.

3. Spicy Queso

Queso makes many dishes like nachos and chilli dogs even better. Maybe the best queso form is a large bowl of hot, fresh queso dip from your favourite Tex-Mex or Mexican restaurant. In this list, the two hot tastes we looked at were Sweet Chili and Spicy Queso. We were surprised to find out that Spicy Queso was a more delicious choice between them. 

This snack seasoning may taste fake cheesy or have too much chilli powder that hides the cheese PopCorners flavours. These are usually the complaints we have with popular snack items like Doritos.

The Spicy Queso PopCorners were cheesy but had no strong fake cheese taste. They used real cheese instead. Rather than a hot layer of heat that overcomes the cheese, the spice has an amazing mix. This comes from black and red pepper, paprika, and other things found in the chips’ seasoning. It’s spicy enough to give your tongue a little heat but not too much that eating is hard.

2. Sea Salt

Sometimes, simple is better. All of the PopCorners flavours taste good, but it turns out that a plain pop chip with just a little sea salt is very nice. You just have to concentrate on the light and fun feel of the popped corn itself. These chips were just the right amount of salt in a snack food but people who love the strong taste of normal potato chips might want a little extra from these.

1. Cinnamon Crunch

No snack time is done without something sweet, so the Cinnamon Crunch PopCorners are perfect for those who love sweets. This new PopCorners version is sweet, like butter and has just the right amount of cinnamon. These are the best PopCorners chips if you don’t really like the taste of popcorn chips. The PopCorners flavours is completely taken over by sugar, butter, and spice.

In truth, these sugar cinnamon Popcorners flavors make us think of a much-loved childhood cereal called Cinnamon Toast Crunch. If you like to eat that cereal by the handful straight from the box, they give you a chance to do it while still seeming like a grown-up person.


Are PopCorners chips healthy?

These not-fried low-calorie snacks are made using good quality ingredients to give you a safe and trustworthy product. The healthy chips are cooked with sunflower oil, cane sugar, and salt until perfect with the best taste possible.

How do PopCorners taste like?

They have few calories and are good for you without tasting bad or fake, as many healthy food options do. They taste like a chips! All three tastes are great – I really like the kettle corn, which has a little sweetness.

Are PopCorners like Doritos?

Pop Corners are a better choice for your health compared to Doritos and other chips, including low-fat ones. With few ingredients (Sea Salt contains only three: Corn, oil and salt are the main ingredients (with very little fat) in these tasty treats. They make them guilt-free flavours to enjoy.