Revisiting the Sexual-Misconduct Allegations against Ansel Elgort

Ansel Elgort

In 2014, Ansel elgort made his main feature film debut by playing the lead in the family comedy-drama Divergent. In 2013, he had supporting roles in the romantic comedies Carrie (adapted from John Green’s novel) and Midnight Special. He gained wider recognition for his leading roles as August Waters in the fantasy adventure film The Fault in Our Stars (2014). This teenager has terminal cancer and falls in love with an author, played by Shailene Woodley. The film was a commercial success, grossing $307 million worldwide.

Elgort was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Grethe Barrett Holby (née Pedersen), a former opera director who currently works in operating room administration, and James Norman Elgort, a retired antique dealer. Elgort began his acting career with a supporting role in the horror film Carrie (2013). 

He starred in the film adaptation of John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars (2014), playing a cancer patient named Isaac; ansel elgort also had lead roles in the romantic comedy-drama Midnight Special (2016) and biographical drama Imperium (2017), both directed by Paolo Sorrentino. In addition, Elgort collaborated with Thirty Seconds to Mars on their single “Up in the Air” from their album. It Is War, which was released on February 15, 2016.



Elgort’s first professional acting appearance was made a few months before graduating high school. Just a few days after his 18th birthday, he premiered a lead role in an Off-Broadway production of Regrets in March 2012. He joined the cast of the musical before it moved on to its Broadway premiere.

Elgort next made his film debut in The Fault in Our Stars (2014), a romantic drama film based on John Green’s novel of the same name, ansel elgort performance as a teenager as one of the year’s breakout characters, with praise for his “superbly poised and developed” portrayal from film reviewers and other actors. He also made his television debut, starring in an episode of the HBO series Girls. 

 Elgort’s follow-up roles were in the romantic comedies Carrie (2013) and Midnight Special (2016), the latter co-starring Natalie Dyer. In 2016, Elgort appeared in two films, The Conjuring 2 and Where to Invade Next with Michael Moore.


Elgort has also signed to record with RCA Records and released his debut single, “Up in the Air,” on February 15, 2016; it is featured as a track on Thirty Seconds to Mars’ second album, This Is War. He had been dating actress Shailene Woodley since September 2014. He holds a US copyright for his song “Up in the Air.”

Elgort was cast as “August” in The Fault in Our Stars (2014). He starred with Shailene Woodley and has been noted to be a “breakout” character. Elgort also provided the singing voice for Max, one of the main characters in The Penguins of Madagascar (2014). 

In July 2014, Elgort was cast as Jack Laurent in Constantin Film’s adaptation of Tom Rob Smith’s novel Child 44, which is set to be directed by Daniel Espinosa. In his short film Prom Night, he also portrayed Dan Kroft as a young man looking for a partner to attend prom with him.

In 2018, Elgort co-starred with Dafne Keen (The Florida Project) in Generation Zero’s science fiction film. Elgort has been linked with models Kate Upton and Hailey Baldwin. In February 2016, he agreed to be the face of the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance “Dolce” while dating actress Shailene Woodley. Elgort appeared on the cover of Elle Germany’s March 2016 issue alongside his co-stars Woodley and Ansel Elgort. On July 13, 2017, it was announced that he and Woodley had broken up.

What did Elgort (allegedly) do?

In June 2020, Elgort was accused of sexual harassment on social media by a girl. After accusing Elgort, she did not respond to any of the replies made by his fans and did not even care to be on the platform anymore. She instantly left Twitter, subsequently alleging the famous music and movie star. The incident started when Elgort asked for naked pictures of the girl and even proposed she perform a threesome alongside one of his friends. 

As per the tweet, the time girl and Elgort’s intercourse were excruciating for her. Finally, the girl confessed that it was her first time and did not want to have intercourse with Elgort. But, as per her tweets, Elgort made her think that sex was mandatory, and after one year of having intercourse with Elgort, she started to have panic attacks. 

Elgort’s statement:

Elgort instantly took action against the girl by posting an Instagram story to counter the matter. He said a guy like me would never assault anyone. After the first allegation on Ansel elgort, there were many similar allegations against him on Twitter, some made by his colleague and some by his friends. Finally, the allegation was made on his Instagram account, which he later deleted. 

In this whole matter, Elgort is entirely innocent of what he said, which can be easily proved by the evidence provided by the girl to prove him as a guilty person. After that, Elgort took action against all the allegations made by his admirers that also turned against him; as per his statement, he didn’t get why people hated him, but people were only making fun of his acting. In all these allegations, the girl is only at fault, and she is very much responsible for it, in any case.

Elgort is an avid chess player. He has played with Josh Schwartz and Daniel Merchant in a video for a Tesco advertisement. In addition, elgort is an avid proponent of LGBT rights, standing up against homophobia in science fiction movies and social media.

One of Ansel elgort first projects as an actor was a public service announcement for the Human Rights Campaign in which he stood to promote equality for same-sex couples who want to get married, along with encouraging acceptance of alternative lifestyles.

Elgort filmography career includes movies like Carrie, divergent, fault in our stars, men, women, children, divergent series: the insurgent, paper towns, divergent series: allegiant, baby driver, November criminals, Jonathan, billionaire boys club, the goldfinch, west side story, Tokyo voice. The singles of Elgort are the fight stuff, to life, Yin Yang, totem, Unite, and the right stuff.

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