BEST PLACES TO ELOPE : For some people, a wedding involves saying their vows in their native city in front of a large guest list that includes everyone they hold dear. Others need something smaller, more basic, and located somewhere completely alien. The definition of eloping has changed over time, the term is now most frequently used to refer to the latter. The wedding is intimate—sometimes with only the couple present—and takes place far from the couple’s residence. 

That it’s “small” doesn’t mean that it won’t feel special. There are many ways to make the day special, starting with the location of your wedding. These include wearing a stunning elopement dress and implementing several original elopement ideas. Your venue will serve as the stage for the remainder of the celebration, whereas without a large reception to consider, the world is your oyster. 

Are you ready to begin exploring places? You’ve arrived at the proper location. All of these are the best places to elope, from remote waterfalls to bustling desert towns.

From Hawaii’s beaches to North Carolina’s mountains to New York City’s skyscrapers, we’ve assisted thousands of couples in getting married in romantic settings across the country. We’re excited to share with you a few of the most stunning locations for your wedding elopement right now:

National Park in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

Colorado is home for some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the country and is a fantastic location for an elopement. Rocky Mountain National Park is a gorgeous wilderness area that is located about 70 miles from Denver. It has 150 lakes, 350 miles of trails, and 450 miles of streams and rivers. Stunning alpine lakes, grand mountains, and pine forests provide a long range of possibilities for the traditional Colorado elopement experience for couples wanting the splendour of the Western wilderness, along with the most unspoiled views you could ever hope to witness. We adore Silver Dollar Lake, Lake Isabelle, Sapphire Point, & 3M Curve in particular.

Jordan’s Moab

The southern desert is also the best place for eloping; the bizarre red rock structures and enormous mesas can be reached from the little city of Moab. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are both located not far from Moab. Massive arches & formations that make the ideal setting to host a Utah elopement can be reached after a lovely stroll. They make for an outstanding ceremony backdrop. Because the red rocks & desert scenery make for beautiful wedding images, it’s a truly wonderful location to elope.

New Orleans, City Park 

New Orleans’ City Park is the ideal venue for an elopement if you’re looking for a romantic and historically significant setting. You will not run out of attractive backdrops with a 1,300-acre sanctuary filled with old-growth trees, lakes, a fragrant rose garden, a gorgeous greenhouse, and historical statues. A beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony is the Langles Bridge in the park. A photoshoot and a stroll in the greenhouse should come after your ceremony. This charming setting will be comfortable for both nature and green thumbs.

The island of Tybee

Tybee Island is the best place to elope, a picturesque island setting only 20 minutes from Savannah’s city centre can be a good option for couples wishing to elope in Savannah. The island features immaculate white sand beaches, and the historical Tybee Lighthouse, once the highest building in America, overlooks the coastline. Tybee Island combines the charm of a small town with the solitude of the seashore in a stunning setting. Additionally, having a lovely beach wedding here is justified by the sunsets. 

The San Francisco City Hall

City Hall in San Francisco is the best place for elaborate design and glitzy creativity, making it the best location for elopement in the city. The building’s stunning entryway, the Hall’s enormous marble and sandstone Grand Staircase, and the bright and roomy Rotunda on the second floor are just a few of the exquisite locations that make this venue the ideal combination of simplicity and elegance for holding wedding ceremonies.

In Idaho, Bogus Basin

Arranging the Idaho elopement here is going to feel like something out of a fairytale, even if you may not be aware of this hidden gem. Boise’s rugged, rolling foothills are ablaze in the spring with vibrant splashes of yellow and green thanks to the Arrowleaf Balsamroot wildflowers. You can drive, mountain bike, trek, or stroll a total of 190 miles of routes to arrive at your ceremony site and exchange vows while the sun is sinking over the high desert, with panoramic vistas you won’t soon forget. Additionally, you can experience the best of each world by visiting this hip, urban mountain town, which is only a half-hour outside of Boise.

In Hawaii, Maui

Paradise becomes a reality for the individuals who choose to elope on Maui. It is the second-biggest Island in the Hawaiian and is dotted with valleys, volcanoes, lush tropical forests, and beautiful beaches, all begging to be discovered for one wedding. Makena Cove, a little hidden “cave” that serves as the classic setting for a Hawaiian elopement, is one that we adore. You’ll enjoy unrivalled vistas and some of the best incredible sunsets you’ve ever seen because you’ll be right at the point of Wailea. 

The Californian Lake Tahoe

Why Lake Tahoe is the best place for elope to tie the knot is clear to see: a stunning alpine lake, a forest of lush greenery that extends for miles, and mountaintops that provide unrivalled vistas are just a few of the reasons why so many couples choose to elope here. Organizing the Lake Tahoe elopement won’t disappoint you if you’re seeking an exciting way to begin your marriage! Lake Tahoe has it all, whether you’re looking for a secret hideaway between soaring trees or scrambling to discover the ideal perspective to exchange your marriage vows on a mountainside.

Las vegas 

If people want to reconsider the best place to elope to the perception of Sin City as just a dirty locale for a hasty union. While Elvis officiants and drive-through wedding churches aren’t for everyone, getting a marriage license in Nevada is relatively simple. However, the city is also home to many outstanding dining establishments, fantastic outdoor activities away from the Strip, and stunning scenery for photographs. (Our top choices? Both the Neon Museum and the Seven Magic Mountains.) The point is that, while it doesn’t hurt, being a night owl is not a need to get married in Las Vegas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Where is the ideal location for an elopement?

Ans. New Zealand is one of the top destinations worldwide for elopements. Getting a marriage license is simple and usually done online from three months to three days before your wedding day.

Q2) Where in the globe is it easiest to elope?

Ans. Italy has many romantic places, but Florence is a good choice for an elopement because it is so simple for foreigners to get a marriage license there. The city has a uniquely romantic aura brought about by its gorgeous architecture.

Q3) Why is eloping such a lovely thing to do?

Ans. Due to their decision to elope, couples have reported feeling free to focus on one another, melt into one another, and celebrate their feelings in the most natural way possible. No regrets, pressure, stress, or other distractions are there; just two people devoting their lives to one another.