22 Best Tattoo Designs For Men

Best Tattoo Designs For Men

Today, getting a tattoo is not a big deal for many men. After all, the best tattoo designs for men can look cool and be a great way to display your personality. However, the choice to go below the needle might be simple, but the selection is yours of what kind of tattoo you want to be tattooed on the body. 

Remember that you do not end up regretting your tattoo in ten years of time, So it is important to address the process thoughtfully. In this article, we have created the best design filled with guidance to select the best tattoos.

List of Tattoo for Men

Small Tattoo

When it comes to tattoos design, bigger does not always imply better. 

Though small tattoo designs can be covered when needed and will not shade your style or personality. 

Tribal Tattoo

Thanks to their ancient origins, tribal tattoos have been a symbol of power and strength. 

Highlighting bold, interlocking designs, they are also incredibly eye-catching and classic cool.

Simple Tattoo

Well, tattoos do not have to be excessively detailed to be cool. Today’s generation is simple; minimal designs are one of the most fashionable and stylish ink choices for men.

Animal Tattoo

Animal tattoos designs are perfect for carrying a variety of meanings, such as strength, loyalty, power, freedom, and more. 

It is easy; what you need to do is select the animal tattoo that suits you best. There are some famous options like lions, birds, wolves, elephants, tigers, and mythical beasts like phoenixes and dragons.

Portrait Tattoo

The portrait tattoo design is a perfect tattoo idea for celebrating or memorializing an important figure in your life. 

Although this kind of tattoo is very tough to master, it is important that you go for a skilled artist if you want a realistic outcome. 

Lettering Tattoo

As for lettering tattoos, the actual meaning comes from the words and the style of writing. 

Moreover, pick a design that features what your tattoo says is necessary.

Skull Tattoo

Skulls tattoo is one of the popular designs for men around these days. They also can be amazingly adaptable, meaning yours can be as complex or simple as you like.

Cross Tattoo

It is a stunning and symbolic tattoo; cross tattoos design is one of the best styles for men. There are so many ways to describe the cross, making it a handy choice.

Star Tattoo

Well, in late years, star tattoos have become remarkably more popular for men. 

Though, there are now lots of wonderful thoughts around for masculine, stylish, and timeless star tattoos.

Money Tattoo

If you need an everyday reminder to keep aiming for wealth and success or want to look like a winner, the money tattoo idea can make a creative and stylish option.


Angel Tattoo

Well, many think angels are true, or you might simply acknowledge their symbolism. 

Regardless, inking one of these religious characters on your body can be a magnificent idea. 

Music Tattoo

Men with real emotion for music, showing their love of the music with a tattoo, makes a perfect feeling. Music notes, instruments, and lyrics are just little tattoo ideas for doing so. 

Arrow Tattoo

These tattoos are simple, stylish, and look fabulous anywhere on the body. Because of that, they make an excellent choice for newbies and those already inked.

Feather Tattoo

Feather tattoos are one the most inquired by men, and it is easy to see. It looks wonderful; feather tattoos are also versatile and intense with traditional symbolism. 

Crown Tattoo

This tattoo can make a man believe like a king. It comes with no wonder that they have been an amazingly popular ink choice for both popular and everyday men alike.

Car Tattoo

Well, many men have been obsessed with vehicles since their discovery, and circumstantial, many car lovers also acknowledge great ink. 

Moreover, there are lots of timeless and amazing car tattoos designed to inspire you.

Family Tattoo

This tattoo is of personal importance, and family tattoos are forever going to be the favorite choice. It is a definition of love and belonging. 

However, this tattoo comes in different forms, including family-centric quotes, names, family trees, portraits, and more.

Scorpion Tattoo

Many tattoo lovers adore the scorpion tattoo. Although those who have inked have their own purpose for picking it, such as; fighting spirit, apprehension nature, and connection to the Scorpio zodiac sign are a few of its interests.

Meaningful Tattoo

In this tattoo, it does not matter if it is a portrait, quote, symbol, name, or anything else—a tattoo with meaning that you will cherish and love for years to come.

Name Tattoo

Name tattoos will be an amazing option for those who want to display their love for friends, spouses, children, siblings, etc. So many name tattoos highlight beautiful decorations and cursive fonts.

Sleeve Tattoo

Covering the arm, sleeve tattoos designed for men can be extremely expressive. If you like tribal designs, Japanese styles, colored tattoos, or something else, be sure to choose an option that suits your personality.

Knuckles Tattoo

Although it is hard to hide, knuckle tattoos are an amazing option for bald men. In specific, they are perfect for displaying ink that highlights one eight-letter word, two four-letter words, or eight symbols.

Final Words

When it comes to tattoos, the opportunities are endless. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, then there will be few questions that come to your mind, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Do not worry; just follow the steps in mind before you go for the tattoo. So we have shared some best tattoo designs for men which we have mentioned above. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.