Blackjack Side Bets: Are They Worth It?


In blackjack online, side bets have become increasingly popular among players who want to mix up the game and add an extra dimension of excitement – without breaking their bankroll. They provide additional payouts for specific hands and can give you the chance of a big win. This article will explore what side bets are available in online blackjack in Canada and their house edge.

What Are Side Bets?

Side bets are additional bets that can be placed before you start playing your main game. They allow you to win bigger payouts on special combinations of cards, such as small pairs and other specific criteria depending on which variation you are playing. Most online casinos in Canada will offer a selection of different wagers allowing punters to increase their potential payout if luck is on and then seen during gameplay.

The prizes can be very lucrative, with odds of up to 1000-1. But to make a profit from these side bets and avoid hefty losses, you need to know exactly what type of wagers are available – as well as how each one works.

Types of Side Bets

Most side bets are based on particular hands that can be created. Here is a look at the most common ones you can choose while you play online blackjack.


The 21+3 bet allows you to wager on a three-card poker hand based on your first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. You can win with straight flushes, three-of-a-kind, straights, and other combinations – depending on which variation you are playing.

It is one of the most popular side bets, and you can expect prizes worth up to 9:1 if luck is on your side.

Perfect Pairs

The perfect pairs bet lets you gamble on getting a pair with your starting two cards. The exact payout of this side game will depend on the type of combination you have, including mixed suits, the same color, and different colors such as black or red.

This wager usually pays up to 12:1 at most Canadian casinos – check the details before placing any bets to calculate your chances accurately.

Super Sevens

This bet is based solely on the first two cards in your hand. To win, you will need to get a combined total of seven with them – this pays out when one card is already a seven and the other has the same rank or suit as it. If the two cards are the same, the win is increased to 50:1.


Insurance is especially useful when you are worried about the dealer having blackjack. You can place a bet to protect yourself, and if the dealer gets blackjack, you will get paid out typically at 2:1.

Over/Under 13

The over/under 13 bet is a simple side game in which you can gamble on whether your first two cards will have a number combination lower or higher than thirteen. While it is one of the easier bets to calculate, the payout for this one usually starts below 2:1.

Lucky Ladies

The lucky ladies side bet has become popular among players over the years because it is relatively easy to win. All you need is two starting cards of queen rank and a special combination afterward for a payout that can be as high as 200:1!

Royal Match

This bet in the online blackjack game pays out when your first two cards, such as two Jacks, correspond in rank. It also pays out when both cards are suited – usually up to 5:1 at Canadian online casinos. One more version of this bet is usually offered, which pays if your initial hand is King and Queen.

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth It?

In most cases, it is not wise to bet on a side wager as the house has an advantage. The average return for side bets usually ranges from 75% to 90%, depending on which variation you are playing and how lucky you are with your hand combinations. Therefore, if you are looking to win real money from playing online blackjack, it is recommended that you focus on the main game rather than chasing huge payouts through side bets. 

That said if you like to spice up your experience with extra excitement, betting on side wagers could be an option. But it is wise to set a budget and stick to it while also taking advantage of bonuses.

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