Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s: All You Should Know


Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s : It’s Pizza is a large restaurant chain in America started by Tom Dominick DeVarti, and James Monaghan in 1960. Its main office is now at the Domino’s Ann Arbor, Farms Office Park, Michigan.

This big restaurant group after Pizza Places is also known for its pizzas. They also make bread, salads, sandwiches, and chicken wings. Its pizzas have many crust types: original pan, thin, hand-tossed and the Brooklyn style. Pizza names like Chicago and Detroit Pizza come from the city in which these flavours were first made in. 

The same thing is true for the Brooklyn-style pizza. People think it’s a kind of New York-style pizza that is becoming more liked. Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s has chosen to give out its own version of this famous food.

What is Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s?

In 2006, Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza became very popular. This pizza that is made by hand uses a sauce with garlic and butter. There’s also a new kind of crust for it. The shell is made from semolina flour and has a crunchy feel. This well-known restaurant has this popular pizza on the menu in two big sizes – extra-large and large.

This pizza is great for people who like their pizza less crunchy and doughy. It’s a great middle option between thick and thin crust types. Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s comes in small and big sizes. You can order it online or through the Domino’s app.

A Short Story of the Brooklyn-Style Pizza: From its origin to modern day popularity.

Even though Totonno said he made the first Brooklyn-style pizza, Domino’s told people about it and gave it a name in 2006. People think this pizza came from the New York-style pizza. It’s the same size as a New York-style pizza, hand-stretched and thrown. The crust is covered with cornmeal before baking.

How is Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s Made?

Made in a wood-fired oven, this pizza, which is named after a city is known for its crunchy and burnt edges. First, the dough is stretched by hand to the right size. The crust’s parts are cornmeal, milk, sugar and salt plus wheat and some things that can cause allergic reactions. If you have trouble with gluten, we suggest that you stay away from this type of pizza.

This pizza is special because it’s made with a thin crust and has cheese, sauce, and pepperoni on top. The thin crust makes the pizza taste crispy. The sauce is somewhat sweet and sour. The cheese is chopped into small bits instead of being cut into slices. This spreads the toppings on the pizza more evenly.

The pizza also has thinly sliced pepperoni on top, making it taste stronger than normal pepperoni. Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s recommends using mozzarella or normal tomato sauce, especially if you haven’t had this pizza before. But you can try other sauces to enjoy cooking more.

What Does Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s Taste Like?

The flavour of this pizza can be different for everyone. It mainly comes from the toppings and sauce used on it. Its crust will surely make it feel crispy. For this pizza from Domino’s, you can choose between garlic parmesan, honey BBQ, normal tomato sauce and strong marinara as flavors. 

These are all really great options. You can also try different toppings like Italian sausage, feta cheese, mushrooms and pepperoni. Just select what you want to.

What Makes Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s Different From Other Pizzas?

As said before, Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza is not like other pizzas. This is because it has toppings and thin crust inspired by Brooklyn style food. The thin crust is hard and chewy. It’s great for people who like their pizza soft and light. 

The Brooklyn-style pizza toppings like sausage, pepperoni, peppers and onions make the pie taste great with an Italian-American touch. If you want a special and yummy pizza, this one is the best pick.

Is Brooklyn Style Pizza Domino’s Healthy?

Since it is a thin-crust pizza, it has fewer calories, sugar, saturated fats, and salt. Nevertheless, its food quality mainly relies on the type of sauce and the quantity of extra things added to it. Using the Domino’s food info finder, a large slice of their Brooklyn-style pizza with normal amounts of marinara sauce and cheese should be around 1560 calories. 

A very big order should have about 330 calories in each piece and a total of 1,980 calories. To make your pizza healthier, you can use less cheese and pick light toppings that are closer to what nature gives us.