Foods to avoid during pregnany

Pregnancy is one of the most amazing and desired phases of woman’s life. After all, who does not love to be over cared and pampered! The mother-to-be began to see endless dreams for her upcoming child. Slowly and gradually, everything starts changing into the life of a pregnant woman. Right from the body changes to mood swings, food desires to daily pregnancy food chart, everything undergoes a tremendous difference and these nine months become the most memorable time of her whole life. So to alleviate a healthy, happy, safe and secure pregnancy; the would-be mother should first inhibit big and healthy eating habits in her daily life of nine months. Exercises advised by your gynecologists should also be regular work. Pregnancy also brings a lot of responsibility for it. So, to fulfill it with utmost care and concern is the job of everyone around you but first and foremost you are the one to do so.


A desire for varieties of foods is the most common urge of every pregnant woman. Craving for diet during pregnancy is entirely usual, but all you need to take care of is not eating any such food which later harms your baby in any way. Also, avoid overeating anything. Take the advice of your loved ones which has confused you a lot and are not sure about what to eat and what not to, and then you can have a word with your health doctor who will give you detailed instructions on your pregnancy food chart. For some help, here we are presenting a list of 15 foods to avoid during pregnancy.



Pregnancy is just not of nine months but much more than that. From day one, you need to be very conscious and take a lot of care of yourself. The more you care about yourself, the more attention you will be able to deliver to the baby. This little angel changes your life completely right from the day when he or she enters your womb. Some changes in the daily lifestyle can help you a lot in leading a happy and healthy pregnancy. It is very important to avoid food during pregnancy which is harmful to the baby and your health. From here begins your first change, go and throw away that caffeine in lying in your kitchen cupboard. Now the question arises, how does coffee impacts the pregnancy? As per the research, it has been found that in spite of eating ample healthy foods if you are consuming caffeine, your ultrasound report will always show your baby as underweight. It is harmful to his/her health. At times, excessive consumption of caffeine also results in miscarriage. So, it is better to say No to caffeine during pregnancy. It is quite understandable that the desire for caffeine still exists and thus can’t resist when it comes to chocolates as chocolates are good in caffeine. So it is advisable to restrict yourself to only 200mg of chocolate per day and not more than that at any cost. After all, it is the best gift that you are going to receive from the Almighty.



As per the elders in our home, it is advisable to eat more and more food because you are not the one who is eating; in fact, you are two in number now. But when we talk about taking the care of the mommy and baby, then the mother should not eat foods with high calories. It results in the increased weight of the mother which is dangerous for the baby too. Gaining some weight during pregnancy as per the medical science is obvious, but too much is slightly hazardous for both. If the baby should not be underweight, it should neither be overweight also. During pregnancy avoid foods that are high in calories.



With the modernization of our lifestyle, everything is changing its form. Similarly, the trend of eating tinned foods has also become a part of this latest trend. Tinned foods are those foods that are preserved in a can or a tin and are ready to cook instantly. On one hand where regular cooking covers the entire lengthy process, on the other hand, these tinned foods reduce the time of baking to a minimum. But you are strictly advised not to eat any of such tinned fruits or salads. Irrespective of the fact, even if these branded tinned foods have an expiry date, packaging date or they guarantee of high nutrition value, you should avoid canned foods during pregnancy time. Prepare and eat healthy food only because nothing can compare freshly cooked food.



Though as per the Food & Drug Administration, the sweetener found in the diet soda is considered to be safe and refined but as per the research, the use of diet soda during pregnancy results in raising the chances of preterm delivery. Such sweeteners heighten your desire of eating more and more sugar which in return also increases the requirement of insulin production in your body. All this further can become a reason of getting diabetes not only in you but the baby too. So, better to be safe than getting into such a risk and stringently deny the use of soda when you are in your pregnancy months. The two of many general and contrived sweets found in the market are aspartame and saccharine.



Soft or hard cheese should be out of your menu during these delicate nine months. It is a fact that cheese is tempting to eat but another point is, cheese is very dangerous for an expecting woman. Whether it is the parmesan, cheddar or pizza’s mozzarella cheese, camembert, gorgonzola, Brie, Danish Blue and various blue-veined cheeses, strictly avoid eating any of these while you are pregnant. All these varieties of cheese have no water content in them and are quite prostrate to bacteria named Listeria. Though this bacterium barely causes any issue during pregnancy, the immune system of the mother-to-be is somewhat weak, and the body becomes more prone to attack. So during pregnancy, it is better to avoid foods with cheese rather than suffer. Moreover, Parmesan and cheddar cheese are tight and sturdy. Instead, having ‘paneer’ made from fresh milk is the best option. It is high in nutrition and very healthy for the mommy and baby both.



Though vegetables are highly essential for the body and very rich in vitamins and minerals, there are few veggies that should not be eaten at all, when you are mom-to-be. Few vegetables like beans and radishes should be ignored as much as you can, even if you love to have them a lot. This ground has grown veggies, and in case if not appropriately cooked or left raw while baking, these will still hold the presence of salmonella bacteria within it which is quite dangerous. During pregnancy when the body of a mum is prone to weaken the immune system, the risk of getting attacked by this virus is more. The Almighty has blessed us with many delicious veggies, so choose among them and leave these few of them for some time.


foods to avoid

Even if you are a die heart lover of seafood, you have to control your desire towards them at least for the safe nine months. There is rest of life to enjoy eating them but when anything is hazardous to the health of your baby, neglect it immediately without giving a second thought. When we talk about treats like seaweed salad, mackerels, oysters, clams, swordfishes, and other seafood, these are considered to comprise the very high level of mercury which is very harmful to the baby. Such seafood might also leave their remainders even after being cooked thoroughly, so no question of taking any risks against the most awaited moment of your life. It is the mom who can sacrifice everything for her child, so avoiding any food during pregnancy should not be a big deal at all.


foods to avoid

No more eggs, when you a happy mom-to-be. You need to tune out egg eating as well; when you are in the months of your pregnancy. The egg should cook in the right manner; it will have salmonella bacteria in the whites and yolks of the egg which is very hazardous for the baby in the womb. Instead, if you are craving for the same, you can prefer a hard-boiled egg with that of hard yolk. Hope that satisfies your desire at this time. So, follow every advice sincerely!


foods to avoid during pregnancy

Here is the next alert that comes on your way to safe and healthy pregnancy! The mother-to-be needs to avoid eating any frozen foods or meats such as pepperoni, salami, Parma ham or smoked ham frozen, during pregnancy. The reason behind is that these cold foods and meats are just fermented and chilled and not even cooked or processed at all which makes it very unhealthy during pregnancy especially. Also, avoid having pizzas too because they too comprise of clumps of pepperoni. Hence, add this alert to your list while you are pregnant and take care of both, yours and baby.


foods to avoid

It is understandable that during pregnancy, body demands of a variety of stuff to eat, sometimes spicy and at times sweet. But you have to underline this thing in your pregnancy diet chart that you have to only go for healthy foods whether you love or not. Say no to Junk foods when you are going to have a baby soon just within few months because such foods have a high amount of fats, excess sugar, food additives and are too less in nutrition. Hence, avoid all sorts of junk foods, boxed foods, fried foods and soft drinks from your dietary chart during pregnancy.


foods to avoid

Imagine food without spices, right!! Undoubtedly, spices are mandatory while cooking any dish. They add required flavor, taste and make them worth eating. So, how can you think of saying sorry to spices even during pregnancy, is what you might be thinking. Well, you have to lessen the number of spices like red chili powder, garam masala, salt, etc. which harms your delicate baby inside the womb. Having an excess of any of the spices is not considered to be good at all during pregnancy so better not to do anything such. You are advised to go for healthy spices like basil and oregano but everything in limited quantity and cut spicy foods from pregnancy food chart.


foods to avoid

Immediately cut the option of having Sushi from your pregnancy food chart during your pregnancy. Like other foods which have been asked to avoid, Sushi also joins the same account. Sushi is the semi-cooked or even undercooked fish that might result in the occurrence of harmful bacteria during pregnancy and so is advised not to have at any cost. You can also have a word of consultation with your nutrition expert so that he/she can lists you the fishes that you have to ignore like Shellfish, Tuna and some oilfishes too completely. avoid eating such foods during pregnancy. Remember the proverb, to achieve something you have to sacrifice something.



Mark a point on your dietary chart to eat those foods decidedly less which are rich in Vitamin A during pregnancy because it is very hazardous for the health of the baby. Liver products such as sausages have ample of Vitamin A, so ignore having the same. Intake of more than 770 mcg of Vitamin A is strictly banned if you are a would-be mum. The excess of it can cause congenital malformations and congenital disabilities. Do not ever play with the health of your baby just for some taste.



Highlight this, on the top of your list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. Alcohol can cause tremendous harm to your entire pregnancy thereby hindering the growth and development of the baby. The content of alcohol reaches to the baby through the bloodstream of the mother, so even a little amount of it can cause disaster. The consequences that can occur due to this are: baby might have mental issues, a problem of stillbirth or even miscarriage cud be one of them. According to scientific research, the mothers who intake alcohol during their pregnancy, those children have more chances to become a juvenile delinquent. A state where the fetus develops the development disorder due to the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the medical world. So alcohol should be off your pregnancy food chart.



It is also one of the habits which are desperate to compromise with, but when it is about bringing your little angel into this world, everything is possible. If you are a die-heart lover of drinking tea and intake it thrice a day or more than this then with the immediate effect strict the limitation to only once or even not at all if you can. The reason behind this is; the components of caffeine that are present in tea as well. So, coffee and tea are big no’s during pregnancy. But yes, you can include herbal tea in pregnancy food chart but in a limited quantity only to serve your craving.

A healthy diet during pregnancy is crucial. With little planning and control of your desires, you can quickly lead a healthy pregnancy. The foods which are rich in nutrition value also ascertain the healthy and proper growth of the fetus. Not only this, but such foods also assist in maintaining the balance of the hormones in the body of a pregnant woman thereby controlling various other body behaviors like; mood swings, stress, etc. The consumption of less nutritious food or the ones which are harmful during pregnancy results in many problems like physical disabilities, mental issues, a low birth weight of the infant, poor development of the fetus and many more. Undoubtedly, no mother will play with the health of her baby or even own, so we are sure that reading this piece of information you will take the best care of yourself and the little angel in your womb during pregnancy. Remember, the mother in on duty from the very first minute as soon as she acknowledges her pregnancy. So, fulfill the commitment with extreme sincerity and enjoy motherhood as best as you can.

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