How Rebellion Hurts Society?


Rebellion against rules and authority figures can begin in an individual’s early years and last well into adult life. In fact, some people find themselves chafing at authority for their entire existence. Although the problems are real, there are many ways that people try to insert independence in a life they see as too restrictive. Here are just a few of the problems rebellion can cause and the possible consequences.

Creating Aliases

It can begin with buying or creating a fake ID as a teenager and continue well into adulthood as people find they can become whoever they want to be. As time goes by, the imaginary character can become more real and exciting to the individual than his or her everyday life, and that is where the problem may begin. When people disassociate with the real world and move into their imaginary reality, personality can shift or split. When this occurs, mental health issues can begin enough to disrupt the ability to lead a normal life.

Using Drugs

One of the most prevalent forms of rebellion against parents and society is the use of illicit drugs. From alcohol to pain killers to psychedelic hallucinogens, individuals that want to escape may try them all. Although the experiment may be infrequent at the beginning, as the escape from reality becomes more urgent and frequent, the need for the drug can take over. For many, the result is a DUI arrest that can change a person’s life in negative ways forever. Thankfully, some states have a DUI diversion program that can often allow the records to be expunged or sealed to prevent the charges from marring the individual’s life forever.

Beginning Stealing

The acts of theft such as shoplifting can start with candy bars and hard lemonade as a child but can quickly move up into clothing apparel, personal care items, and electronic goods. The adrenaline rush of getting something for nothing is an exciting thrill, as is the idea the individual forms that he or she is smarter than others and able to get away with something illegal. Embezzlement, insurance fraud, and other felonies are often the result and cost society hundreds of millions of dollars each year. If caught, the individual may face over to 10 years in jail for each felony convictions.

Understanding rebellion and the reasons behind the need for some individuals to rebel against almost everything can be difficult for most people. History is filled with insurrection and revolution, and perhaps that is why society tries to work with those that find the need to be different from curriculums such as the DUI diversion program.