How to hire a carpet cleaning company?

How to hire a carpet cleaning company

Flooring is the most integral part of any house. A clean looking right quality carpet can change the whole aura of the house. With long term continual usage, carpets tend to accumulate dirt particles, soil, and other pollutants. 

Dirty carpet makes the home air quality dirty as well. You need to get your carpet clean at least once a year with the help of professional carpet cleaners.

 Wondering how to hire a carpet cleaning company? Hiring the right carpet cleaning Service Company can be a task if you are doing it for the first time. We have listed all the important things you need to know before hiring a professional carpet cleaning company and the necessary points to keep in mind to hire the right company.

Things to Know when hiring a carpet cleaning company

Wondering How to hire the best carpet cleaning company? Not every company does work in the same manner. Don’t be fooled by the fake promises that some carpet cleaning companies make. You may not always get the quality service as promised by the carpet cleaning company for the price they charge.

 With the help of the below-mentioned tips and asking the necessary questions, you will be able to select the best carpet cleaning service providers that will be value for money.

  • Training and Certifications– It is a must to ask what professional training did the company’s technicians received. A good carpet cleaning company will always hire people with a carpet cleaning technician certificate. Institute of inspection, cleaning, and restoration certification is a well known and common training school for the cleaning restoration industry. Some other certifications to ask for are, carpet repair and reinstallation technician, upholstery fabric cleaning technician, rug cleaning technician, and water damage restoration technician.
  • License and Insurance– small carpet cleaning companies keep on opening and shutting down rapidly in the market. Always ask the company you want to hire for carpet cleaning licensing done with the state you live in. You can cross-check on the local online government websites

. A company is always liable for the people working with them. Check if they carry workmen’s compensation insurance or liability related to the carpet cleaning service.

  •  Carpet cleaning experience/reviews-   knowledge not only comes with education but also with getting good experience. Check for the company’s experience report on social media, and search engine and also ask them directly. Do not forget to check the customer’s reviews. 
professional carpet cleaning cost

Ask your family and friends who they hire for carpet cleaning and about their experience with the company. Do trust one or two bad reviews, but if there are a lot of bad reviews, then avoid hiring that company. 

  • Carpet Cleaning Price- some companies charge a too good price to be real. Some services might seem affordable but may not provide effective results. Price should not be the main component for choosing a good cleaning service company. Read the advertisement labels, company’s policy carefully before hiring. 

Ask the company for Carpet cleaning quotes, inclusive of everything. Check various companies for their Professional carpet cleaning cost to and make a comparison chart of the services offered for the price charged.

  • Carpet Cleaning Method- there are five main principles of a carpet cleaning service defined by IICRC. These are the must-follow steps to be implied by every company, no matter what type of carpet cleaning method they follow.
  1. Dry soil removal- Using a vacuum to remove dry sand and dirt particles collected on the carpet.
  2. Soil suspension- This method includes pre-treatment agent application to loosen soils and dirt from the carpet fibers.
  3. Soil extraction- hot water extraction or steam cleaning method is used to remove soils from the carpet.
  4. Grooming
  5. Drying- with good weather conditions, carpet usually takes 24 hours to dry completely.
  • Make sure they offer a guarantee- Ask the company you want to hire beforehand for the work guarantee. If they do not have a guarantee policy, find a company that does. If you are not satisfied with their work, you can ask fobest carpet cleaning methodsr re-cleaning or even reimbursement in some cases, if they offer a guarantee.
  • Follow up- once they are done immediately, do a thorough inspection and inspect the cleaner’s job. If you find something, unsatisfactory get in contact with the company or the cleaner immediately. Do not be lazy when it comes to follow up, the company may deny rectifying if you take too long to complain.

Benefits of getting your carpet cleaned by professionals:-

You may choose to clean the carpet yourself in order to save some money. But it can do more harm than good. Cleaning the carpet may seem like a very easy job, but it is not. Rather than calling the professional after damaging the carpet, call them right away. Here we have listed some of the benefits of hiring a carpet cleaning service.

  • Increase the carpet’s Longevity- Carpet is a good investment if maintained properly. Hiring a good professional carpet cleaning company will ensure that your carpet is maintained in good shape for the coming years. Professionals check the floor and your carpet conditions to tell you what needs to be done. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year will prolong the life of the carpet. 
  • Professional cleaning Equipment-   using a vacuum cleaner at home to clean the carpet is not enough. If you want the carpet to look brand new, you will need a good cleaning carpet which will be provided by a professional carpet cleancarpet cleaning equipmenting service. Professional companies use high strength, good cleaning equipment that you can’t have access to at home. This equipment ensures superior cleaning.
  • Knowledge and experience- different carpet styles and textures require different care. Professionals have knowledge about proper cleaning techniques and tools to use. They have a good experience and take care of everything, making sure that the flooring doesn’t get damaged. They use the best carpet cleaning methods, which are hard to follow with self-cleaning at home.
  • Improved home air quality- Dirty carpet= dirty air carpet gets contaminated by trapped dirt and pollutants and makes the home air system dirty. People who have breathing problems like asthma and sinus can have trouble with the dirt. Getting your carpet cleaned thoroughly means improving your home’s air quality.
  • Get the work done faster- professionals know how to do the job efficiently and effectively. They are professionally certified and know how to clean carpets fast in different conditions.