How To Prevent Skin From Post Workout Breakouts

how to prevent post workout acne, gym skincare routine

This post is based on the effective ways to prevent post workout breakouts and gym skincare tips that reduce the condition of acne. We hope these post skincare routine help you get rid of breakouts from exercising.

Sweat release after working out in the gym creates a perfect condition to grow the bacteria that leads to acne. These bacteria get into the skin pores, reacts with the sebum, and cause inflammation that further leads to severe acne on the skin.

To prevent your skin from such breakouts, you must need to start a proper post workout skincare routine that helps you get rid of such acne — an appropriate routine of skincare for gym help to stop the breakout before they start growing in your pores.

However, as you may know, exercise has lots of benefits to the skin, increase the blood circulation, and reduce the levels of stress that further lead to increase stress, causing acne. Thus, regularly doing exercises is a good option, but taking care of skin along with that has a miraculous impact on your overall skin health.

Here are some effective tips and ways to prevent the acne-causing bacteria from stimulating and stopping the breakouts from happening in the future. Try to follow these Dermatologist recommended tips to prevent post workout acne:

7 Effective Tips To Prevent Post Workout Acne

  1. Keep Your Hair At Back – Make A Tight Ponytail To Keep Hairs Away From Face

Massick, skin dermatologist said, those who do a workout on a regular basis, they must keep their hairs at the back and pull away from the face. Because natural oils coming out from the hairs and hair products we use when coming in touch with the skin leads to create itching and condition that increase the chance of a breakout. Moreover, hairs also responsible for trapping moisture from the skin. All this leads to clogging pores and encourage the fungal growth that leads to severe breakouts.

  1. Clean All The Products That Touches The Face

Before using any equipment that touches can touch your skin, try to clean and wipe out first to make sure that it would not have any bacteria on that. These equipment are like headphones, sports equipment like helmets, always clean them properly before using them. Cleaning these products properly helps in removing the dirt, bacteria, and oil that leads to a breakout.


  1. Do Not Touch Your Face With Bare Hands Dermatologist also suggest that avoid touching your face again and again with hands during a workout. Because when you are doing exercise, your hands come in contact with lots of other things present around you. These hands come in contact with bacteria, and when you touch your face, those bacteria increase the chances of a breakout.
  1. Wear Loose Clothes

Massick says, wear loose clothing during the workout as your tight clothe trap the sweat and moisture next to your skin, leads to the skin condition that promotes acne and pimples. Malassezia is a type of yeast that is commonly found in the skin and become active in warmer condition. When this overgrows in the skin, it leads to a fungal infection that starts developing inside your skin and causes severe acne on the skin.

  1. Change The Sweaty Clothes Just After The Workout ASAP

Assistant professor of dermatology, from Rush University Medical Centre, suggested that one should always change the sweaty clothes just after the workout and wear the cleaned washed clothes. And also, make sure to wash those sweaty workout clothes before wearing them again so that your pores do not get clogged with oil and dirt.

  1. Take A Proper Shower After Workout

A shower helps in removing the bacteria, oil, and dirt from the skin pores and do not make them clogged. The dermatologist suggested that using face and body cleansers that contain Benzoyl Peroxide can reduce the chances of condition that promotes acne. Benzoyl Peroxide is known for killing the acne causing bacteria called Cutibacterium acnes.

  1. Clean All The Exercise Equipment Before Using Them

Skin experts suggest that while doing exercises using any equipment, always wipe and clean them as they might have bacteria on their surface. Wiping and cleaning out this workout equipment prior to use help in reducing the growth of acne, causing bacteria and keep away oil and dirt away from pores.

We hope these gym skincare tips and post workout skincare routine help you get rid of acnes that cause due to sweat from exercising.

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To get more information about how to prevent from bacteria that causes acne during workout, go through the Healthline blogs.