List of Italian Restaurant Chains

italian restaurant chains

Italian Restaurant Chains – It is not a myth to say that Americans really love Italian food. The real thing is that the pull is a total fixation. From lasagna to pizza, and spaghetti to tiramisu, Americans love these foods a lot. It’s not surprising that one out of eight eateries in the US offers Italian food. That means there could be around 100,000 Italian places to eat across the country.

If you go to Italy, it may surprise you that big meatball spaghetti is not really popular there. Also, the pizza in Italy is totally different from most of what you get in the United States. But, while Americanized Italian food may not be the most real, it is so tasty that no one’s sense of taste is upset.

There are many Italian restaurant chains in cities. They are easy to find. In any case, the food at these restaurants can be very different. We have ranked Italian restaurant chains from the bad ones to the best. This will help guide you towards amazing Italian food.

Italian Restaurant Chains


Fazoli has over 200 places to eat in more than 25 states. Even if there’s a place close to you and you really want Italian food, still say no. This Italian restaurant chains does not deserve your money.

First, Fazoli uses deceit to try to make you think their food is real, but it is not. That is not true at all. Restaurants can not be blamed for making food sound better. That is a step too far.

Johnny Carino’s

Years ago, Johnny Carino’s served delicious Italian food. It seemed like every choice on their menu was a good one. Once you finish your main food, Johnny Carino’s sweet treats will make you even happier.

Unfortunately, this one of the Italian restaurant chains is not the same as before. Johnny Carino’s has lost money lately. They used to have over 170 places but now they have about 40 places. In the last 20 years, their food quality has dropped sharply.

Nowadays, Johnny Carino’s is the place you visit if you want bad food that costs too much money. Even safe foods like tortelloni,  pizza, and lasagna will make you feel really disappointed. The sweets, especially their runny tiramisu, will just increase the sadness.

Spaghetti Warehouse

When you go to a Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant for the first time, you will think it will be amazing. Each place looks like what you would expect an Italian restaurant to look like. The air will make your senses happy and you will feel hungry thinking about the delicious food that will be given to you.

Sadly, when your food gets to your table, you will feel very let down. Even though the place looks nice and feels good, the food is really bad. In a place called Spaghetti Warehouse, you’d expect that at least the spaghetti is good.


If you are in New England, you can likely drive to Bertucci’s. This company has over 50 places, all of which are to the east of a big river called Mississippi.

The nice thing is, that Bertucci’s has a lot of choices for both dinner and lunch If you like Italian food, there is a good chance you will find it on their menu. Besides, they have many choices for kids on their menus. This makes this chain a top spot for families.

Bravo! Italian Kitchen

The first Bravo! In 1992, Italian Kitchen opened first time in Columbus, Ohio. From the beginning, they have been a place to eat tasty Italian food. Today, there are over two places in 14 states. From simple meals like Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Parmesan to more choices like Fra Diavolo and Crispy Shrimp Napoli, you can find them at its dinner menu.

What stops this chain from being higher on our list? The answer: inconsistency. Sometimes you will feel really happy after going there. The Spaghetti Pomodoro or whichever pasta dish you pick will be delicious. You will be looking forward to your next visit because of it.


Amato’s has been around for over 120 years, and not many Italian restaurant chains in the U.S. have as much experience as it does.These days, this store sells many more things than just sandwiches. At Amato’s, you can get lots of different Italian treats like pizzas, pasta, and even calzones.

Zio’s Italian Kitchen

If you plan before going to Zio’s Italian Kitchen, you can be sure that your meal will make you happy. On the other hand, if you do not know what to do at a restaurant, do not be surprised when you come out unsatisfied and unhappy.

Zio’s Italian Kitchen has a really big menu with almost endless choices. If it is called Italian food, you will see it listed on their menu. To be clear, not all the food they serve is of the same quality.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden would noy win any prize for being true to real Italian food. This is not a place you go for fancy eating. Olive Garden and the food they serve is not to be mixed up with a Michelin-starred eatery. But you also should not feel bad if you enjoy this place. They make food that people love all over the country, their tasty salads are great and their addicting breadsticks are amazing.

For Italian restaurant chains, Olive Garden is the best – it makes a lot of money and has many places. That is no accident. No matter which Olive Garden location you go to, their food always tastes the same. Their costs are always good and they have yummy deals like the unlimited soup, breadsticks, and salad and Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano

There are many good things about Biaggi’s Italian restaurant. The most important thing is, the food here tastes very good. In fact, if we just look at the food they provide, this restaurant is definitely one of the best. DO not be shocked if you end up eating everything on your plate after a meal.

Not only does Biaggi’s Italian Restaurant offer delicious food, but it also earns extra points for having many gluten-free choices. If you are on a gluten-free diet and want Italian food, go to this restaurant, you would not regret it.

The Old Spaghetti Factory 

The Old Spaghetti Factory is not lying about their age. This family-owned and run restaurant has been open for more than 50 years. Their first place was in Portland, Oregon. Now, they have over 40 places in more than a dozen states.

When talking about a family-friendly and fun decorations but stylish atmosphere, this chain does the job well. The Old Spaghetti Factory is always a place to remember. Also the food never disappoints. Although not as good as the food in higher-ranked restaurants, you will always leave this place smiling and with a full stomach.

Some Questions

Which Italian restaurant chains failed?

A big investigation started as Gino D’Acampo’s food places closed down with £5.4 million debt. The famous cook’s Italian food places shut down even though it was said to be good with money last year.

Does Italy have chain restaurants?

While other quick-food places are open in the country, none are as big as McDonald’s and Burger King. Yes, we can see some Subways and KFCs around but they are not very common. Even Taco Bells are not as popular.

Which is the most loved Italian restaurant chain in America?

Even though Olive Garden serves a changed Italian food, it has become very popular. They are the biggest chain of Italian restaurants in America with more than 900 places in every state, much bigger than other top chains.

Why is Domino’s shutting down in Italy?

Italy is where pizza began, and it looks like Domino’s has run out of time there. The reason is high debts and, the growth of small mom-and-pop stores and traditional pizza places. Now they deliver pizzas to people’s homes through delivery apps.