Mother of the Bride Dresses: Find out the Perfect One for Your Big Day


On the wedding day, everyone has eyes on the bride and groom. But after the wedding couple, people take notice of the parents of the wedding couple. In this way, they should look elegant and perfect in all forms. In this blog, we will discuss the mother of the bride and how the mother of the bride dresses should be. We will help you decide on the perfect mother of the bride dresses. This will allow you to make the wedding day a memorable event. 

Role and Importance of Bride’s Mother in Weddings

The bride’s mother plays a key role in the wedding event to make it successful and memorable. It is the responsibility of a mother ot decide the venue of the wedding, making the guest list with all the arrangements. She supports her daughter emotionally, apparently, and financially. She is the one who chooses the suitable dresses most of the time for her daughter for the wedding event because she has her own experiences along with friend’s and relatives’ wedding experiences. So she must be addressed on the wedding day.

We learned how important a mother’s character is on the bride’s wedding day. Now, we should make sure to look charming and elegant. Therefore, we should take time while choosing mother of the bride dresses to avoid any issues.

Factor to Consider Choosing Mother of the Bride Dresses

When you plan to find the best mother of the bride dresses, consider several factors to have the best suitable clothing for the bride’s mother.

Firstly, it is important to check out what the wedding theme is. Is the theme formal, like a black tie affair, or will it be casual, like a beach wedding? So the aesthetic of the wedding plays a parting in selecting a matching dress for the bride’s mother.

Secondly, now time to move to the next consideration, which is the color scheme of the wedding day. Because on the wedding day, a mother does not want to look overrated, colored, or lower than the theme. However, it is not suggested that a mother should look or match the color precisely with the wedding theme color. But it should complement the color palette to give a cohesive look.

Thirdly, the time, season, and location of the wedding. For example, if the wedding is in the summer season, a mother should wear a color dress having airy fabric; the purpose is to give comfort and an elegant look. On the other hand, in winter, a mother should wear longer sleeves or a shawl to stay warm.

Lastly, a mother of the bride’s dresses should be according to the personality. She should wear such a dress, keeping the above factors in mind aligning with her physic and personality. So the dress will suit her in all respects.

If you consider all of the elements, it will guarantee to find out the best bird’s mother dress for the wedding day.

Matching the Mother of the Bride Dress to the Wedding Theme and Color Scheme

Careful consideration is necessary when choosing a perfect dress as the bride’s mother. There should be two factors that should not be neglected at all. The first one is the fitment of the dress according to the body, and the second is the event’s aesthetics.

If the event is formal, you should opt for a dress having classic colors like navy or black. However, if the wedding is a bit laid back, the vibrant colors can give a good impression the the wedding atmosphere.

While choosing the color, it is not recommended to get the same color, but it should adjust very well to the wedding event theme.  

How to Finding Out the Right Style & Silhouette for Body Type

When we are on the way to finding the perfect wedding day dress for a mother of the bride, the knowledge of body type is necessary. It ensures that the selected dress is ideal and will boost your confidence, that is best on the unforgettable wedding day of her daughter.

Now, standing before the mirror and observing your body type is time. Your body should be on for the following class, so dress up accordingly.

1. Pear-shaped: This shape is like having wider hips than the shoulders. In this case, you will have to dress in a way to make a balance between the both. A dress with a flower design on the shoulder can balance shoulders and hips well because it will draw attention to the waist instead of the hips.

2. Apple-shaped: This type is the body having a wider midsection with smaller shoulders and hips. In this case, you should have the dress with a v-neckline or scoop neckline to get the attention of the people at the wedding upward bot the body.

3. Hourglass-shaped: If you have shoulders and hips about the same size with a smaller waist. You can dress with fitting to enhance the curves, accentuating your waist. Dresses like mermaid or sheath will be a perfect choice.

4. Straight-shaped: lastly, the body type having everything the same size, mean hips, waist, and shoulder. In such a situation, you can have a belted dress, which can create the illusion of curves.

Remember, all of the tips and suggestions are guidelines. The most important thing is that you should dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and boosts your confidence. Trusting your instincts to shine on the daughter’s big day would be best.