Nivea best body care products


Nivea, A renowned brand all over the world and blind trust of uncountable consumers!! Nivea has become the preference of every quality and skin loving person, and it is all because of an amazing reputation it shares the quality of products made by them. It has always emphasized on the quality, results and first and foremost the satisfaction of its customers.

Renowned pharmacist, Carl Paul Beiersdorf is the founder of the brand name named Nivea. It was founded on 28th March 1882. His 125 years of experience and dedication has lead Nivea to the supremacy in the competitive world. Beiersdorf and his team have always followed the bridge that directly connects to the needs and requirements of the customers. Thus, they have always been successful in providing them with the highest level of satisfaction.

Today Nivea has been on everyone’s mouth whether it is regarding lip care, skin care, body care, sprays, deodorants, shower gel, sun lotion and few other too, not many because of Nivea targets on producing products that highly effective not high regarding quantity. It has become successful in capturing mind, body and soul of everyone. It is not only women who want to catch the attraction of everyone; men travel in the same boat too. So Nivea has been successful in keeping both happy. Let’s view some amazing products: –

Express Hydration Body Lotion

This lotion is perfect for a normal type of skin containing strong components of sea minerals and Hydra IQ which render a complete package of hydration to your entire body. Ones with normal skin type can undoubtedly go for it and cherish amazingly damp and smooth skin for a whole full day.


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UV Protective Lotion

As the name speaks its quality, this lotion gives you a strong shelter against the harmful ultraviolet rays. Just like Express Hydration Lotion, this UV protective lotion also features Hydra IQ along with boosted double UV protection. If you are going out in hot summers, don’t hesitate it to apply to your whole body as it can be used as a body lotion too. You can make use of it regularly also to preclude ageing.


Smooth Milk

Fly away from all your worries if you have dry skin, because Nivea has introduced this product especially for the ones who have dry skin. Again to deliver more of hydration and moisture to your skin this body care product comprises of Hydra IQ with a new element named Shea butter which fights with reasons of dryness hidden in body layers. Its usage humidifies the skin strongly thereby leaving everlasting softness in the layers precluding the body and skin from drying.


Body Milk Nourishing

Nivea arrogates to render shiny and smooth skin within a tat of 24 hours with the magic of this body care lotion. Like others, this body nourishing milk also has Hydra IQ as one of its components along with moisturising elements and natural minerals. The texture of this lotion is very creamy and rich equipped with a strong tinge of almond oil which is a perfect care taker of soft skin.


Happy Time Body Lotion

This is also one of the best body care products introduced by Nivea. All the persons featuring normal skin can right away go for this Happy Time Body Lotion without giving a second thought. There is every good reason to opt it: It is equipped with the regular component that is Hydra IQ and bewitching bamboo milk with the ultimate fragrance of orange. Its amazing fragrance is sure to attract wherever you walk and give your skin an amazing touch of beauty.

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All these are products have proven their promises of rendering you what you desire. So, what are you waiting for?? Rush and choose the one that is best for you to experience the result with your own eyes.