Tips for picking up the best nail shape? Oval vs Almond Nails

oval vs almond nails

Nail shape is a personal preference for many people. Many people have different opinions and viewpoints on oval vs almond nails and what is the perfect match for their hand. Therefore, choosing your “perfect” nail shape can be difficult and may seem intimidating to some.

 Different nail shapes are currently trending, and one of the most popular ones people have is almond-shaped nails; people are usually confused between oval and almond nails. To achieve the perfect nail shape, several essential factors to consider to your finger length, shape and size of fingernails, and even your natural growth. 

The following factors must be considered carefully:

  • 1. Observe your hands in their natural state. Your fingers can only reach a specific range of angles before they start to shorten at the base. It means there may be a difference in how much you can bend and crease the fingers for a specific nail shape, depending on your natural nail type.
  • 2. The length of your fingernails begins to decrease when the growth plate (the part of the fingernail known as a nail bed) has reached the adult length.
  • 3. The amount of nail growth varies between people. Factors such as genetics and body build significantly affect how long your fingernails will be.[Several factors can influence this growth rate, such as genetics, hormone levels, or even hormones in the diet that influence it
  • 4. Most women grow their nails faster than men do. Nail growth typically occurs faster in women than in men. 
  • 5. Most adult fingers, including the thumb, will grow to a length between 1/4 inch and 3/4 inches. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, as individual finger length can vary based on numerous factors such as genetics or bone structure. For example, the pinky finger tends to be shorter than the other fingers because it has two bones instead of three and is the first finger that stops growing during childhood development.

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Tips for picking the perfect nail shape for you:

  • 1. Start by cutting your nails to a comfortable length, and then try bending the finger to see how long it will reach before it curls back. You should be able to reach a full 90 degrees with your fingers before they start to bend backwards. You will have a shorter bending angle if you want a fingernail shape that gets shorter at the tip.
  • 2. Use those lengths as a measuring stick and trim the nails accordingly for different nail shapes until you find one that fits your comfort level best and has a look you prefer.
  • 3. If you have longer nails, there are several choices for giving yourself more variety in nail shapes as opposed to only square or rounded tips. 4. Some people prefer a square tip, while others prefer a more rounded tip. The point of a nail is what gives it its shape and if you like square tips, try using a standard square-nail file to shape the tips before you start sculpting your nails.
  • 5. If you want to give your nails that extra curve, try using either files or emery boards to shape the tips at the end of your manicure before you polish them. You will want to be careful with the length of time you use these tools without the aid of nail polish so that they don’t damage your cuticles, especially your pinky fingers.
  • 6. Other options are acrylic or gel tips or at least some nail polish that you can use to provide a little extra definition. 
  • 7. Some people prefer long fingernails while others prefer short ones, but some prefer short almond shape nails. They may look nice with any length of fingernails, but there is a point where they start to look silly and unprofessional if they are too long (especially when typing).

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Oval vs almond nails:

  • 1. Oval nails can vary in size, shape, and length. However, oval vs almond nails confuses women as they both look perfect. If you have oval nails as opposed to almond ones, you are more likely to have a wide range of nail shapes that you can adopt and utilize.
  • 2. Oval nails generally look great with any style or shape of the tip and are also much more versatile than almond shaped ones. This is because oval shaped nails can give the fingers the ability to bend in either direction more easily than almond shaped nails can do something similar. After all, they are generally configured in a straight line fashion (without curving).
  • 3. Short oval nails are more versatile than long ones, as they are less likely to overpower the finger and allow the fingers to function better. On the other hand, long oval nails can start looking silly if they get too long and make it difficult for any action requiring strength or grasping with the hands.
  • 4. It is possible to get a triangular tip with oval shaped nails, but this is not as easy to accomplish when you have natural short almond nails because of their straight-line configuration. To give them a triangular shape, you would need nail extensions or acrylic enhancements instead of just clipping them and filing them down into shape.
  •  5:   Oval acrylic nails are one of the most versatile types of artificial nails. They can be used in place of natural nails or as a way to create a new nail without any cuticle interfering with the shape or look. Of course, it is possible to change your short oval acrylic nails with long acrylic nails just by using acrylic that matches your current shade. Still, it is much easier to give yourself many options if you use false (artificial) nails with the right shape and length options.
  • 6. Other shapes like long almond nails, square nails, or triangle nails can also be easily achieved with nail extensions. You might also want to consider getting a manicurist once a week (or every other week) if you aren’t able to be careful using artificial nails to keep them looking great and maintain their shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

 How to shape almond nails?

1. Step 1: The first step to creating an almond nail shapes is to cut the top edge of the nails straight across with a manicure or pedicure clipper.

2. Step 2: Next, you will want to use a nail file and create a curve at the corners of your nails. It is usually accomplished by doing a gentle stroke across the tip on each corner with the nail file to create a soft curve at each corner rather than just using your nails as an instrument and bending them in opposite directions while wet.

3. Step 3: Angle your nail file so that you file diagonally, starting from the bottom right corner until you reach the top left corner.

4. Step 4: Once your nails are filed as you desire, you can file the length down to the desired length and get natural almond shape nails. 

Do rounded almond nails look good?

 Yes, rounded almond nails look very good, and the above procedure shows how to shape nails almond. They are easier to achieve than other shapes like square or oval nails because you don’t have the option to mess them up when you shape them. 

You can either shape your nail tips with a nail file when they are dry, or you can use nail extensions to play around with the different ways almond-shaped nails look. So it is because rounded tips tend to be more versatile than others and can often be sculpted into different types of looks (as well as changed easily if you use artificial nails).

Why are natural oval nails still trending?

1. To begin with, oval nails are generally pretty easy to make yourself if you have the right tools (such as an emery board or nail file).

2. Secondly, oval-shaped nails can look great with almost any style of tip and look good for many people. They can also be made even more versatile with artificial nails that are preset (have already been clipped and prepared) rather than just shaping them yourself to get a specific look or shape.

3. Oval-shaped nails are also much less likely to break or chip than others because they don’t have a top edge that is particularly thin and weak (like almond-shaped nails do).

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