Some Easily Available Superfoods That Can Help You Increase Productivity At Work

Easily Available Superfoods

This post is based on the easily available superfoods that are helpful in increasing at work productivity and reduce fatigue.

In this modern era, we all have been into finding different ways to keep our body healthy either by doing exercises, following yoga practices, eating vegan foods, or any other. We all have probably somehow discovered that most successful people in the world adopt a strict schedule in which they follow a healthy diet and workout routine. Hence getting inspired by our favorite icon, we too start looking for food options that can keep us healthy, fit, and productive at our workplaces.

It might not be so hard to opt for healthy food choices while we are working in an office, attending meetings, reverting emails, responding to calls, and messages. Eating fast foods at office time can be harmful for health and increases obesity, fatigue rate, and lower our productivity.

Here are some healthy and superfoods ideas that you can easily adopt in your lunch and office break time.


Glassman, a nutrition expert at, says, “Very often people think they are tired when they’re really just dehydrated.” We might like to opt for protein shakes or smoothies to give us an extra boost in break time. However, a glass of water can do the same. A glass of water helps us maintain our energy level and release stress instantly.

Green Tea

Green tea has come under superfoods that is easily available on general stores. Keeping a pouch of Green tea at your desk helps you increase the level of energy while hydrating your body. Rather than consuming coffee, which contains 200 milligrams of caffeine, green tea is a much healthier option with only 30 mg of caffeine. Coffee initially increases your energy level and then suddenly drops down, flushing away all the vitamins and minerals through urine. Drinking green tea in your break helps you improve energy, keep your body hydrated, and enables you to get a better shape.

Yogurt or Curd

Yogurt is another best option for your lunchtime. Yogurt is a full pack with highly nutritious minerals and vitamins. Yogurt contains proteins and vitamins like B12, which aids in maintaining the rate of metabolism.