Tips On Coping With Short Haircuts


Those that prefer short haircuts, at some point, face frustration when they feel that their hair has been cut too short than they wanted. Once the hair has been cut it cannot be put back unlike when the hair is left long and can be cut a little bit more to the preferred length. You can learn how to feel comfortable with short haircuts even if they are not what you want.

Dealing with a haircut that has gone wrong is never a good experience. It takes time and confidence to accept a mistake has happened and embrace it. You can make the best of the condition of your hair and try enjoying the shorter hair. Below are tips to help cope with short haircuts that were not planned for.

  1. Avoid Panics

It might not be the best discovery to see yourself in very short haircuts when it is not what you intended to get. Regardless of how shocking the new look is, maybe you should try your best not to panic.

For people who had been used to wearing their hair long, seeing it very short for the very first time might be frightening. Some people feel like they are different people or something bad has happened to them, and they end up panicking.

There are some things that you can do to accept the long hair is gone, and you need to accept that you have a new look.

To avoid panicking, you need to remember that it is not a permanent situation since your hair will definitely grow long again. Acknowledge that short hair is a temporary situation, and you can change it to whatever you want immediately after your hair grows out.

You can also look at the situation from the positive side. You can embrace the fact that short hair is low maintenance and won’t take a lot of your time to style.
  1. Evaluate the Possibility of a Second Cut

You may find that getting a second cut will improve your hairstyle. You don’t have to use the same hairstylist who messed up the first time.

Get some experienced hair stylists and make them understand your problem. They will help you evaluate the other options for short haircuts to see if something can improve the situation.

Some short hairstyles are very cute, and once you try them for your second cut, you may lose the feeling that your hair is a mess.

The second cut comes in if you will be willing to go a little shorter to accumulate a new hairstyle. Have your mindset that your hair will be cut again to avoid panicking when this happens.

  1. Accept That Short Hair is Beautiful Too

Although it might be challenging to accept a change since you can’t change the mess, you must accept that short hair is beautiful too.

To improve the situation, you can take advantage by evaluating different options for short hairstyles as your hair grows. At the end of the day, you may realize there is a style you like way better than your initial long hairstyle.

Accept the change by embracing the positive side, where you realize that short hair makes your facial features stand out.

  1. Avoid Covering Your Hair

Some people feel so uncomfortable with short hair that they cover it with hats and scarves. This will lower your self-esteem as everyone realizes you are uncomfortable with your hair.

However, it is okay to cover up as you try to get used to short hair. As time goes by, you should try and accept the situation so that you can feel better about your look. Leaving the hair uncovered will help you feel confident about your new look

  1. Work on rocking the look

Since you can’t take the cut hair back, the only good thing is to try and achieve the best from the short hair. Evaluate different styling options for short haircuts and try to do the best of them.

Wearing short hair with pride and confidence will make you confident and make people accept your new look sooner than when you are hiding it.