What to Do When Things Get You Down

how to stay positive

Life can get you down sometimes. We all have felt low on our luck in one way or another. Now if you are thinking how to stay positive when life gets you down? Here is answer to your question, instead of falling into the trap of negativity, take action and read these six answers on what to do when things get down.

Let the Tears Flow

Most of us feel ashamed of crying when we feel down. Never hold back your tears for they can make you feel better in an instant. Tears are your body’s method of releasing stress, and if you keep on denying your emotion, you will only worsen the current situation. Crying is no way a sign of weakness but just a mere expression of emotion. Next time you feel terrible, let the tears flow.

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Hug someone

Physical contact like hugs can naturally increase oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is a potent hormone released whenever you feel loved and cared. Give or get a good hug every day from people around you. Initiate the physical connection if necessary to help you maintain a healthy level of this love hormone in your system.

Change your thoughts

If you want things to change then, you need to start changing your thoughts. Replace your weak thoughts with strong ones, replace the negative with positive and replace hate thought with a loving one. Remember that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. Act like an enthusiastic person and just be on fire. Start creating goals no matter how small or significant they are. Produce a list of actionable items you can start doing.

Practice Gratitude

Counting your blessing can make you feel better. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your joys and blessings as well as acknowledging the simple pleasures in life. Try writing three things you are thankful for today. Introduce each item with a bullet and reflect upon the things that make you happy and content inside.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical activity can relieve you from depression. Research shows that workouts can help manage physical and mental stress. You don’t just burn calories but also pumps up endorphins that make your brain feel good. Exercise will surely free positive psychological outlook and feeling of well-being. Follow a regular exercise routine, even if brisk walk through the park or an hour of substantial activity in the gym near you.

Learn When To Stop and Let Go

The hardest part when things get down is accepting the situation. Stop fighting the universe and allow yourself to get control of your life finally. With right eating habits, right exercise, right thinking and right living you will find the sense of living again. Do yourself a favor and stop the things that make you more miserable deep down. Things like trying to make things what they are not, pretending that what is happening is not happening and wanting things to change in an instant. You will only start to feel real happiness when you let things be as it is.

Bounce back when life gets you down by following the above tips. Experience the happiness, peace and joy you deserve once and for all.