You Will Need an Ostrich Wallet after Reading This


Ostrich leather is an excellent material for wallets. It boasts a range of nice features to make your experience superb. Not that many people are aware of how great ostrich leather is from a practical, fashion, and wearability standpoint. You can become one of those who reap all these benefits. But before that, let us educate you on its amazing properties.

Benefits of Ostrich Leather

The first thing you notice when looking at ostrich leather products is their unique texture. No other leather can offer a similar texture. The surface itself is smooth but here and there you will see interesting bumps. These node-like follicles are what remained from feathers. In some individuals, these bumps are spread chaotically. In others, they are arranged in almost straight rows. Be that as it may, every skin has a unique pattern. At first, this texture may look unusual but give it a try and you’ll love it. Many people believe that it works best with accessories for men such as genuine ostrich wallets, belts, and even shoes. However, more and more women are gravitating to this daring beauty.

The reason that let it compete with other popular exotic leathers – crocodile, stingray, snake, etc. – is its unparallel strength. We are not lying when we say that this leather is one of the most durable around. Cowboys choose it for their boots, and it says a lot about its resilience. Many leather counterparts offer durability because they are thick and stiff but it is not the case with ostrich skin. While being solidly thick, it is amazingly soft. We are sure you’ll enjoy tactile sensations when fiddling with an ostrich wallet. Artisans love handling it, too! It is so malleable that it is possible to craft products of any shape, size, and purpose.

Thickness isn’t the only factor that contributes to durability. Naturally, ostrich skin features a great deal of oil. After tanning, these oils remain. But not on the surface. Don’t worry, you won’t get an item that leaves oily stains on your clothes. Instead, these oils are locked inside helping leather acquire anti-cracking properties. Other types of leather may get too dry when being exposed to the sun or extreme temperatures. But this will never happen with ostrich skin. On top of that, oils make this leather resistant to water. Some experts say that its resistance is better than that of crocodiles, which spend their whole life in water.

All factors combined make ostrich leather a really lasting material. Cowhide will serve you for up to 10 years, maybe more if you care for it properly. For ostrich, 30 years of service life is not a limit, and it doesn’t require much care.

Do Leather Products Impact Ostrich Population?

If we are talking about wild ostriches, then no, leather making industry doesn’t shrink their population. Companies that turn skin into leather don’t chase ostriches in their natural habitat. Instead, they rely on ostrich farms. These places are similar to chicken or cow farms. An animal is grown to produce meat and eggs, and its skin and feathers are by-products. If you have guilt because you have a leather product, help yourself feel better by thinking of this: an ostrich is grown for its meat; if people didn’t utilize its skin, it would simply go to waste. But when it is used for leather, the big bird fulfills its mission in full measure. So blame it all on the food industry. Leatherworking just puts its waste to good use.

One more thing you should know – ostriches are not endangered. They are species of Least Concern according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Ostrich farms don’t decrease their population. Vice versa, they help to boost it. If we didn’t have them, it is likely that we had significantly fewer African birds.

Last but not least, ostrich wallets, if you buy and ship them from overseas, don’t require the CITES certificate. Crocodiles, for instance, need it, but it is because they are endangered species. If you buy a crocodile product and try to take it through customs without the certificate, you will get in trouble. But you have nothing to worry about with ostrich leather. You can purchase it from anywhere in the world and it’s going to be delivered without a hitch.

Final Thoughts

Amazing ostrich leather can’t cost cheap. It needs a lot of time to get ready for wallet construction. Most tanning operations require manual labor, and this fact adds to the cost of an end product. On the bright side, you can benefit from 100% handmade production. Plus, it supports small local communities that maintain centuries-old leather tanning traditions.

Does it mean that an ostrich wallet costs an arm and a leg? Of course not! But to get the best price, you need to investigate in which countries ostriches are grown on an industrial scale and find local manufacturers. They will offer a lower price than companies located in Europe and North America.